DATE                              10.04.2010

DISTANCE                      ABOUT 4,4 MILES

WEATHER                      COLD BUT BRIGHT


Old Rookland

Todays walk was a short walk, I should have been longer but I decided to have five more minutes in bed and well let’s just say an hour and half later I was rushing round getting my gear sorted, mick makes a mental note to himself when the alarm goes off get up straight away.

So it was much later than planned when I pulled up at Clennell Hall, gear was sorted and put on and an extra warm top was thrown into the rucksack before I set off.

The forecast was for a cold bright day, and it looked as if the weather people had got it right for once , and I couldn’t help but notice that there was still small patches of frozen snow & ice scattered around on the hill tops , they shouldn’t be a problem as I wasn’t planning to go very high today the highest point being on Silverton Hill at 385 meters , in fact my rearranged route for today was a slow uphill slog to Clennell hill to the old hill fort “Camp Knowe”  naturally there isn’t anything to see at this old fort but as you climb further up Clennell hill if you stop and look back down its possible to make out the rounded circles ….if you are into that sort of thing , however walking up this hill does open up some good  views of the river Alwin and the valley. Seeing as it was late I decided to stop half way up Silverton and have a cup of coffee and just slow things down a bit, I had left it too late to do any real distance and rushing around wouldn’t make up for the lost time so it was pointless even trying, coffee drunk and a slow plod up to the summit of Silverton , where another sit down was the order of the day and some thinking , I decided to pay old Rookland a visit , this meant cutting down to the Rookland Sike where if all went well I should join up with a footpath heading to the old ruin , failing that I could see where the ruin was I would make my own way , of course the sike was full of water and made it fun getting across without getting wet feet. From there it was up to the old ruin at old Rookland

The ruins of Old Rookland, uninhabited for more than half a century and, until 1939, the home of John Dagg one of the shepherds who in December 1944 rescued four crew members of a crashed B17 Flying Fortress These days, the old farmstead is a sad and sorry sight, neglected and unloved used to store cattle fodder in one of the buildings. But to someone like me a very welcome sight , somewhere to get out of the cold wind In the winter months or find a nice shady spot under one of the trees  in the hotter months .

Lunch was had in the shelter of the ruins then it was time to start to head back, my route would see me retrace my steps down to the Rookland sike, from there I would simply stay on the footpath which is no more than a sheep trail in places down between Clennell Hill and Rookland Hill down to the River Alwin where I would link up with the red road and back to where I left the car.

A short walk but very enjoyable  about 4.4miles with 1089 ft. of the ups and downs , it should have been longer but one lesson learnt from today you cant have a lay in and a full days walking .

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Taken at the start of the walk, I’m about to leave the road and head up the quad bike tracks


Part way up some of the locals


Now at the edge, I intend to follow the edge so I can see down the Alwin valley


Looking along towards Silverton Hill


A bit further along

Well you are never too late for coffee


Time to start heading up


Looking down at the river Alwin


Looking back at the old hill fort of Camp Knowe


A couple looking at the river Alwin and Kidland forest

Heading up hill again towards Silverton


My first sighting of old Rookland


Heading down to try to link up with the footpath


It’s quite a steep drop


Now found the footpath, fence and gate one side nothing the other (I am certain there is a reason for this)


You can just about make out the path down this side and up the other


Still a bit of ice lying around it’s colder than what it looks


Heading up towards old Rookland


The ruin


Heading back down the valley now

Quite a good path to follow


Weasel sike and a small amount of water still flowing

Looking back up the valley


Now at the river Alwin looking up at the ridge I walked along earlier


Last look back up the valley I have just walked down


To cross over the Alwin I need to link up with the road bridge


A few photos of this lovley valley as I make my way along


Another small unnamed sike running down to the Alwin


Last look back along this valley


My way ahead and once round the corner I should be able to see my car