New collars and another new walking place


Mick and Yvonne had been shopping for us down at pet world. We knew this because we had overheard them talking, I just hoped that they had remembered that we both wanted new big boy collars , I mean we are over 15 weeks old now ……………Time to get rid of the puppy collars and get us one that state we are big boys.

We where waiting for them to return home, looking at Mick face as he got out the car  it would seem that Yvonne had managed to do her best to empty his bank account  but had she remembered about the collars ?

We could both smell tasty treats, and Yvonne was busy waving new toys about for us to play with but we where both hoping for new collars, eventually mick took our old puppy collars off and proceeded to fit our new collars on, they where mint .right posh and smart, we both quickly run to the mirror to see how good we looked in them. And yes we looked very smart, next thing was to get them to take us out so we could show every one how big and smart we looked.

Munchy proceeded to bark at them both in his high pitched “I’m talking to you bark” and eventually they got the message and packed up the ruck sack with our gear in and took us out.

We had heard mick and Yvonne talking about socialising us and didn’t think a great deal about it , all we  know is we always have a good time when we are learning about this stuff but today with the weather being so good they decided to take us to a crowded beach so we could meet up with lots of people , I don’t know why they where bothered about it , we love crowds more people to make a fuss over us , hopefully there would be a few other dogs about so we could chat and show off our new collars , the only down side was our mate Flynn wouldn’t be with us today. But its ok we would soon get to meet him again.

The beach was crowded , so we had to stay on our leads but we didn’t mind as we had lots of people coming up to us and  saying nice things and stroking and cuddling us , we met up with a few dogs also out with there owners all where having a great time , we felt very posh in our new collars, Mick being very wise decided to allow us to walk along the beach away from the crowds so we could be let off our leads , we both loved this me and Munchy spent ages running about and digging , there was so many new sights and smells to investigate.

Being good owners they had brought a blanket and a supply of food and drinking water for us so we had a great time, and when we felt the need we could have a quick drink then a short nap with them, sadly the day was soon over and it was time to head back, but this time we where allowed to stay off our leads right through the dunes, where we had great fun running through the long grass and exploring all the strange smells and sights. Then it was back in the car and home. We both slept in the car again and only woke up when we where gently lifted out ……………what a great day, we even managed to get mick to take a few photos of our new collars enjoy.

Here we are, on an old tank trap.


What’s that smell?


Ok Mick we are looking take the photo so we can be off.




Looking back along the beach.


Our little play area.