Netherton pond Dam

I have driven past this pond / dam several times and never really taken any notice but today I decided to pull over park up in the “fish pass” car park  and have a quick mooch about ,

Some info taken from the sign near the dam:-

The dam holding back Netherton Pond was improved by Lord Armstrong of the Cragside estate when he acquired a nearby farm in 1879. The head of water held back by the dam was capable of driving a small hydro-electric turbine. A fish-ladder was also installed to allow sea trout and salmon to by-pass the dam. The whole structure is Grade II listed, and was restored in 1998.

After a few photos and a mooch around it was time to move on , sadly the dam is slowly getting overgrown again and the pond above it was very chocked with weed and silt  so I don’t think that there will be many fish heading up there anymore but hey I could be wrong.

Likewise I don’t know if any one comes along and periodically checks up on the state of the place, I know that the wooden sluice gates looked like they were on their last legs and didn’t look like they would last much longer. But it’s still is a nice place to have a quick stop and mooch around

A few photos: