DATE                        27.11.2016

DISTANCE                 6.3 MILES

WEATHER                COOL BUT DRY



Today I would be joining the walkers from the    for a stroll around what is almost my back yard , so naturally I had to put my name down to join them all , as it was there was about 60 odd people who turned up plus a few friendly dog’s , Bob of course was in his element (once I let him off his lead ) and spent most of the day running back and forward saying hello to everyone.

The meet up place was at Seaton sluice, and to be honest I didn’t really know how Margaret and Jan (the walk organisers) was going to sort it all out but after a few minutes they had successfully separated us into two even sized groups , with one group on one side of the road and us on the other side , I think that they tried to split the group into a fast group and a slower group ( I could be wrong here) but I like to think that we was the “in good looking group” and they were “the others” , naturally I didn’t express my thoughts on this otherwise they would have all wanted to be in the “in group” and then we would be back in one huge group again .

Any way the other group set off in one direction whilst we the good looking trendy group headed off in the other, our route was (see map above) to follow along the coastline out of the sluice along the coastal path past Crag point then onto the car park at St Mary’s lighthouse from there we headed up past the huge caravan park, alongside the cemetery at Whitley bay (where bob dog had to go back on his lead) and then finally back “off road” where bob dog could run free and headed towards Brier Dean Farm from there we linked up with the old disused rail line or “waggon way” as its known , from there we stayed on this track till we linked up with Hollywell Dene where we had a well-deserved lunch break , Bob of course had his roast beef slices , then helped me with my sarnie then and only then did he start on his doggy treats (I really do think that I spoil this dog) after lunch  our route took us along this delightful stretch of woodland back to the Harbour at Seaton Sluice , for any of you reader who don’t know much about the Dene it is looked after by a small group of volunteers :-  and I have to say that they do a brilliant job of keeping on top of “things and stuff” like keeping the footpaths open and in good condition among many other tasks so please have a look at their web site.

Within a few minutes of setting off today I found myself at the back of the group which is the place I prefer to be , that way I can go at my own pace and “scout the ground ahead” so I can get my feet in the right place for any trips etc. But today I wanted to up the speed of my walking a bit, sadly the knee in its present set up just won’t let me go any faster, but all is not lost as there is an adjustment valve that should stiffen up the hydraulic cylinder a bit and maybe I could coax a bit more speed out of it but I certainly wasn’t going to mess around with it today and so I made a huge effort to try to keep up but throwing the leg around at a rate it wasn’t really set up to do which caused it to start rubbing and it’s taken me the best part of a year for all the cuts and sores to heal up so that’s the last thing I wanted to do and so I settled down to a nice comfortable pace , after all I wasn’t in a rush to get anywhere and I had informed Margaret that I would drop behind and please don’t hold the group up to wait for me to catch up so all was good and I just enjoyed being out doing something I love , Bob of course was around always running ahead then dropping back to check up on me then right out of the blue the lovely Edwina dropped back to wait for me , walking the last mile or so with Edwina was a delight and the distance just seemed to “fly past” as we put the world to rights and before I knew it we was back at the harbour and the start point , I tend to forget how quickly the distance can go past when you are busy chatting away , it something that I’m not really good at as I tend to concentrate on where I am placing my feet and so tend to say nothing as I’m not really good at multi-tasking , ( who am I kidding I’m a grump!) but today I got away with it because of the good condition of the paths and so  I’m pleased to say that I didn’t embarrass myself by falling flat on my face in front of every one .

According to my trusty GPS we walked about 6.3 miles give or take a few feet with very little of the up’s and down’s Bob dog did loads more (one day I will attached the GPS on him just to see how much more he does)

As normal a few photos



Looking down at the small harbour at Seaton Sluice


Looking back along the coast towards Blyth


The rock stack in Collywell bay (I think that it used to be known as Charlies Garden


Looking along the coastline


Looking back


Looking at the “in group” as they stride off


St Mary’s lighthouse

Looking towards Curry’s point


The lighthouse


The “in group”


Sun rays coming down on Whitley Bay


Close up of the lighthouse


The beach

Old Railway Bridge (what’s left of it)

The cross over meeting point for the two walking groups


Brier Dene farm


And we are on the waggon way


And we are off again


Feeding cattle at Crow hall farm (reminds me it’s nearly feeding time for us)


The sun comes out and wow! There is still colour is all around


Looking down into the Dene

A bit further along, I can just see the last person in the group


Time to leave the waggon way and head down to the Dene


Info board


Looking at the Seaton Burn as it comes out of the tunnel


Fallen tree


Another tree


Close up

Still a bit of autumn colour around for a dull day


The Seaton Burn …a bit mankey after the rain we have been having


Small water fall (if that’s the right word)


A bit closer


A bit further along the Dene


Bull rushes and the “dipping pond”


Looking towards the harbour


Getting closer to the harbour

Looking back


At the Harbour looking back down the dene


Looking out to sea

Day after thoughts.

Home and bath, (Bob dog had a snooze in front of the fire) I was pleased to find that despite pushing the knee which caused the socket to start getting lose and rubbing I hadn’t broken the skin, yes it was a bit red and puffy / swollen in places but experience tells me that it would be gone in a few hours and as normal that proved to be the case. So all in all another very good day