DATE                               24.03.16

DISTANCE                      8.5 MILES

WEATHER                      COLD BUT DRY



Once again I had built up a fair amount of good boy points which meant that I could sneak away for a day’s wandering without having to feel guilty about not pushing the hover round the house or chasing a bit of dust around from one room to another , of course if that hack of a wife of mine did a bit more instead of spending her day sitting around playing candy crush saga or some other Facebook game then pretending that she was only on for two minutes I wouldn’t need to feel guilty at all …….it’s my own fault I should never have got her a IPad so really I don’t have anyone to blame but myself so take a word of warning do not get your better half a I pad or an Facebook account …….unless you want to do all the chores around the house yourself or like having one way conversations where you are lucky to get a grunt for an answer or you like getting shouted at because they have run out of coins or have just died in the game they were playing … you have been warned .

Right where was I…yes I was busy sorting my walking gear out thinking it’s such a good day and I really need to get out and I wanted to try out a new patching system for my stump, I was still having problems with my stump, without going into to many details the ridged socket was / is slowly digging a hole into the side of my leg …which is getting to be a right pain to say the least and the worse thing was as fast as the skin grows back over the wound it only takes a second to get it ripped off and I have to start the whole healing process off again and I have noticed that over the years I am slowly digging a small hole into my leg .  but today I was going to try out a combo of different dressings and padding all helped by a generous helping of cream all held together (I hope) by a well-placed huge lump of tape .

Bob Dog was busy hovering around just waiting for the nod and he would make straight for the door, I had decided that after our last walk that I wouldn’t take both Munchy and Flynn it might be a bright morning but it’s still cold with a strong wind and of course it’s that time of the year where there are lots of passing showers so today I would only take Bob dog , in fact both Munchy and Flynn had come downstairs went into the garden done there business then gone back upstairs to bed where I dare say they were busy dreaming about whatever young dogs dream about , I could hear the snoring and farting noises coming from the bedroom so I knew that my better half was still knocking out the zzzz and so I decided that both Bob and me would quietly leave without disturbing  anyone .

So gear was thrown into the car, bob dog nicely settled down in his bed at the back of the car and we were off with one quick stop at the sarnie shop where as normal I got my roast beef and salad sarnie with some extra roast beef for bob then we were off again,

So far I hadn’t really thought about we would be walking , but according to the weather man it should be clearer on the coastline and so without even thinking about it I found myself driving up to the Low Newton area ,

Parking was in Dunstan Steads , gear was sorted and off me and Bob went, our route for the day was simplicity itself get on the coastal path head north alongside the golf course cut across the Embleton Burn via the footbridge, cut over the Skaith along Embleton links, past the nature reserve at Newton then into Low Newton itself where I would call in the ship inn for a well-deserved coffee however just before I got there a thousand (well maybe not a thousands) of walkers turned up and to be honest I really couldn’t be arsed to queue up so it was straight out over the hill and I headed towards the car park at newton Links House , as it was we got hit by a heavy rain shower that forced us to take shelter , making the most of this stop we got the jet boil out and treated yourself to coffee (well I had coffee bob got to watch) but seeing as I felt a bit guilty I did “find” a couple of treats for bob , as quickly as the shower came it went and so the shelter got packed away and off we went , Bob as normal taking point , I decided that I would cut down to the beach at this stage and start on our way back , walking along the beach / up on one of the many path running alongside or in the dunes , our path took us past the Snook . Football Hole past Newton Point where we both stopped for lunch where Bob not only ate his Roast beef but helped me eat mine as well, our route for the afternoon to us along Embleton Bay where we left the beach at Rumble Churn then up and round Dunstanburgh Castle where we took a few photos then headed back to Newton links where we left the car, we walked about 8.5 miles all of it very easy.

A few photos

 Taken from the car parking area looking towards the Castle


Walking along the edge of the golf course looks like its busy today


Down on the coast, bob having a drink from the fresh water stream that flows down here


Looking towards the castle, to be honest it’s hard not to see the castle whenever you look

The holiday huts, they are slowly but surely getting grander and grander each year


Gorse bush just starting to open up


Looking at the wild fowl pond at Newton



Bob dog on the rather posh looking bench seat


The boat yard at Low Newton


House that is getting done up


Looking back at all the walkers


Heading up a small hill looking back along the coastline


Old drinking trough

Looking at Beadnell Bay time to start back


Time to leave the beach and walk along the dunes


Bob dog informing me it’s time for dinner


Down on the beach again


A few more photos as we head back along the coastline

Looking towards Low Newton

Back on the beach, it’s this time I decide to head for the Castle...a few photos taken on the way

 Bob Dog


Getting closer


Old pillbox


Time to get off the beach (looking up the coastline)


For the rest of this walk I will stick to the coastal path


Oyster Catchers


Bob looking for a spot so we can have afternoon tea and a tasty snack for himself


Another old ww2 pillbox


Strange rock formation, I believe that this is part of the win shill that runs across Northumberland


The Cliffs and the nesting birds


Part of the Castle


Part of what I believe is the old moat (but that’s not certain)

Looking up from the side as we make our way around


Looking at the front


Looking towards a distant Craster


Close up of the main entrance


Side view as we head back


Bob Dog taking the lead as normal


Last look at the cliffs before we get back to the car

Day after thought

Bob dog was his normal self and had a great time, I really had a good walk without any pain on my stump, my new padding out / tapeing up system seemed to work so I will carry on using it, but it does restrict the speed I can walk at …and let’s be honest I’m not that fast to start with, but as long as I don’t try to walk fast the socket doesn’t seem to try to eat my leg if I up the speed even a tiny bit I can feel the socket grabbing the lose flesh getting ready to tear it again , but at least I am walking again without any pain as such so all is good , and the coastline up here is truly beautiful if you haven’t walked this area you really should .