Location          New England bay

Date                 02.06.17 (ish)

Weather          Mostly great

And we were off again on another adventure, Naturally both Mick and Yvonne had tried to keep things a secret but we knew, it was just a case of waiting for the right moment to ask where and when, naturally Mick played it down and pretended that nothing us going on but for the last day we noticed that our caravan was sitting on the drive and was getting loaded up with stuff.

I decided to call a war council, and barked for both Munchy and Flynn, they both came running in and we decided to have our meeting in the bay window where we could keep an eye on the van , well I asked when do you think we will be going and more importantly for how long , we all had noticed that both Mick and Yvonne had been loading the van up with a load of stuff a lot more than normal , Flynn went and explained that they had packed a lot more dog food and loads of treats (trust him to notice that ) Munchy added that we must be heading off soon as our blankets and beds had been loaded up as well so it was just a case of waiting and watching and waiting for the call, we didn’t have long to wait when mick called us , naturally we came racing to the door where Mick was waiting “right you lot we are going on a long journey so let go for a walk first” , and please have lots of wee’s as we don’t want to be stopping every few miles , ok we all barked and raced out of the door , on our walk I asked mick where we was going , Mick let us know that we was going to New England bay in Scotland for a couple of weeks , Great we all barked back and then went racing along the field making sure we all did our business , then it was back home for a last minute drink then charge in the car where we all settled down , mick of course hooked up the van and with his normal joke of “keep an eye on the van and let me know if it drops off let me know” then we was off , off course we was all very excited  but we also know that we have to be very good when we are in the car , mick had dropped the back seats down and put our beds in there so we could all snuggle down but we could also see and chat with mick and Yvonne who were in the front seats which was nice , it was a long journey but that was ok as we took it in turns to snooze then before we knew it we arrived at the sight , wow it looked great , mick and Yvonne quickly sorted things out then before they even set up the van we were allowed out to stretch our legs , we had set up right in front of the dunes right on the beachline and had the run of the place , come on shouted mick let’s check the beach out before I get the van ready , well we didn’t need telling twice and we were off racing down the beach this was great , miles of beach lots of sand dunes to play in , we found a few other dogs playing on the beach and run to say hello , they were on holiday as well and went on to tell us that there was lots of rabbits on this site and loads of birds and even a few deer that mooched around so to keep our eyes open especially when we run into the fern as they tend to play in there , we thanked then and told them that we would see them later as we had to head back to help set up the van , and so we lazed around whilst Mick and Yvonne got the van set up for our stay , because of where we had pitched up we was allowed to mooch around outside as long as we promised to be good and not wander off too far , we of course were on our best behaviour and only wandered off to the beach to say hello to other dogs and there owners as they passed by , yes we liked this place.

Looking along from the front of our van


It didn’t take mick long to get everything ready then it was time for tea , because it was so nice we had our tea outside which was really nice , mick had packed our toys and treats along with a few extra soft blankets which he placed in the awning so we could snooze outside if we wanted , then it was time to help both Mick and Yvonne eat there tea (if they needed help) but of course we knew that they would save us a few tasty treats , after tea we had a walk along the beach were we met up with a few more friends and had a run and play then it was time to head back to the van , I noticed that Mick was limping quite badly , he had got a very poorly knee and has to take things very easy so the plan was for mick to rest up and hopefully let his knee get better , but at the moment he didn’t look to good , but we made a note not to pester mick too much till he gets better , we was all feeling tired after the long drive up and had a chill out evening back at the van , naturally we had to go rushing out when the rabbits came out and had a great time running around playing chase with them , then it was time for bed. We like bed time in the van because we get to sleep on the big bed once mick and Yvonne drop off to sleep.

Our beach

Over the next week or so  we had several adventures and days out as Mick and Yvonne took us out for day trips and nice walks , Mick still couldn’t walk very far but that didn’t matter as we had fun just racing around or exploring , there was so much to see and sniff and of course we met up with lots of other dogs who was holiday and we would often meet up and play on the beach or race around the dunes , then of course there was the rabbits to race with and other nice people to say hi to as they walked past anyway a few photos from this trip enjoy :-

Looking down onto the grass top café, we often would come here for a cuppa and a tasty treat

But there are very steep drops here so we had to be very careful


Yep very steep drops


Looking at the café


Mick showing his new sensor knee off (pity his real knee is playing up)

The local views


It’s so steep we had to be on our leads in places


A sign to say that we are at Gallia crags


Taken on a trip around the lighthouse near the mull of Galloway


The views from that area someplace, we think that we was in a nature reserve at this point


Nice easy grassy path


In the café (note Yvonne flashing her white knees?)

Gulp!!! Looking straight down


Not sure where we are now, we called and wandered along many sections of this coastline .......A few photos

Another nice day at the site


Munchy dog

Bob dog on guard duty


Flynn dog getting ready to leave the van


On another trip


Yvonne behind bars


And we are off


An old church


The Kirkmadrine stones

Mooching around (looking for bones…….just joking)


On the beach


Old lighthouse at Port Logan Bay


Flynn looking like top dog


Bob and Munchy


A few more photos from various other walks along the coastline, some on very rocky ground

Big bird (we kept close to mick when he was looking for supper)


We all had a great time on this trip (like we always do) Mick managed to rest his knee a little bit as well so all was good , we can’t wait till our next trip so till then thanks for reading

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