DATE                                 24.01.12

WEATHER                      windy, icy showers,  wet underfooT

DISTANCE                      9 ¼ miles give or take a foot or two

START / FINISH           Hethpool car park        


Distances was about 9 ¼ miles give or take a foot or two

Weather, cold, windy, icy showers, very wet underfoot, but frozen on the tops,

Route: - see map

Problems for me:- , strong wind, daylight hours, some very bad boggy terrain to cross in places. & very icy up on the tops.

Starting point (and finishing for that matter the free car park at Hethpool)

First photo

Looking at the college burn (there is a small waterfall about ½ mile further down stream but I was pushed for daylight hours so I didn’t bother going to see it)


Looking up towards Easter Tor


Starting to gain a bit of height looking back towards Wester Tor, which I hope to visit later


Yet another breath stop looking back down (I really am out of condition)


Still heading up, leaving the nice easy grass pastures, some long forgotten sheep stell


Yet another breather, have now left the pastures and now entering the managed heather, (grouse shooting) it’s dull at the moment but when it’s in flower its well worth a visit the colours are spectacular


Finally arriving near the top of Easter Tor (with bursting lungs) looking across at Wester Tors,


A peak over the top


Another look down toward Hethpool


My route through the heather, there are footpaths up here, as well as sheep trail and quad bike tracks left by the farmers, so it’s possible to move around without any difficulty.


Following one of these quad bike tracks . 



Heading to the Crags where I stopped for lunch , these  crags isn’t the heights point on this hill there is a trig point another 20 meters higher (about 400 meters away ) but you can see [censored] all from there due to the roundness of this hill , so if you want the views head to the crags


Looking down, it’s a pity the air isn’t very clear today


Looking along this ridge towards Hare Law my next stopping point.


Again looking down


My lunch stop .not bad views eh


Looking down again


And again, did I mention that it was icy cold up here?


My next target


Looking across at a very icy Bizzle Crags


Clouds covering Hedgehope, it’s a reminder that the clock is ticking and wet weather is heading my way.


At the cairn at Hare Law, from this point on its all downhill (did I ever tell you how I hate going down hill?)


But first a few photos looking towards the upper end of the collage valley


My route down (have to keep eye on weather now as the wind is picking up)


Part way down looking back up


Still heading down, clouds and rain heading my way


Nearly at the bottom looking back up,


Stopped off at the memorial to pay my respects the whole of the upper valley is now hidden by wet weather which is heading my way.


On my way back, have run out of daylight and the wet weather finally caught up with me


Looking up as the clouds drop


The route I took , I was going to cut back along the river path but it was getting late and to be honest I was feeling pretty tired by now so I didn’t want to risk it , as they say there is always another day .

Thanks and enjoy.


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