DATE                                   13.08.12

DISTANCE                         8.1 MILES

WEATHER                         GREY THEN BRIGHTING UP


Since I managed to bugger up my one and only good /real knee on the last day of my trip down the yorky dales I have had to take it easy and let it sort its self out , after a week or so of taking it easy it seems ok so I thought why not go out and try a smallish walk on easy ground just to see how it behaves , o course I cant trust myself to keep to any sort of plane so I had to go where there are no hills  other wise I would just go up them to see if things where ok. So that meant the Cheviots where out , likewise the lakes where out as I know I wouldnít be able to help myself as it would be a case of see a hill and try to go up it. No today I had to stay flat and level. That meant only one place and that the coastline. Fortunately up in Northumberland we have some smashing coastline and even though its summer time and the kids are off school the beaches donít get to crowded, yes we get a few holiday makers around the holiday spots, but within ten minutes of walking up or down the coastline you soon move away from them all and end up having it all to yourself.

So that was it sorted , I had no real plan or any set distance in mind just a wander along the coast either on the coastal path or cutting down onto the beach when and if the tide allowed it .

I decided to park up in the small (pay and display car park) at Newton Links, being a blue card owner itís free but itís only a couple of quid for the day if you donít hold a blue badge.

With the car parked, gear on off I went, I decided that I would walk along the coastal path up to Beadnell this is along a lovely but slightly overgrown grassy path making its way along the back of the dunes Till it meets up with the caravan park (where we start meeting people) the path goes straight through the caravan park and comes out in the main beach car park at Beadnell , this time of the year its well used and has the advantage of an ice cream van and a small food van , taking advantages of this I just had to stop for a very  well deserved cup of hot chocolate with cream topping , very nice  and to hell with the calories , had the weather been a bit better I might have had an ice cream , whilst I am on about  the weather , its warm but there is a low sea mist so the views arenít as good as what they could be. From there I had a wander to have a look at the harbor, this has the strange but true title of the only west facing harbor on the east coast. a few photos where taken, but to be honest with you there are too many people around so its time for me to get a move on, from here I walk along the beach just above the tide line, one day I am hoping that I will find a bag full of money or something washed up, but its not today ÖÖÖÖÖSigh back to work tomorrow.

As I move along down Beadnell bay I slowly lose all the holiday makers till I more or less have the beach to myself, I often think if they canít be bothered to visit in the colder winter months they shouldnít be allowed in the holiday season .

As the tide is well up itís impossible to wade across where the Brunton burn runs across the beach so a small detour to the footbridge is required to cross over. Then its straight back onto the beach and head down the coast towards the small village (if thatís the right term) of Low Newton and more importantly the pub the Ship inn where I plan to stop for coffee, its very busy today but then its always busy in the summer months, they also do a good selection of food but best of all they run and manage a micro brewery, I wont be sampling any beer today as I have enough trouble walking without the effects of alcohol.

Coffee drunk and its time to head up the coast back to the car, for the last section I decide to leave the beach and walk back along the coastal path.

About  8.1  miles, very easy walking, pity that the sun didnít burn off the sea mist till later on, but then you canít have every thing.

As per normal a few photos enjoy.

Heading off up towards Beadnell, there is a path here.

Looking across towards Brunton Burn (it sort of tidal)

Every now and then you get to see the sand dunes.

Brunton burn.

Looking out to towards where the burn flows into the sea.

The path leading towards the caravan site.

Itís a bit overgrown in places.

The Harbor.


Back of the lime kilns.

Big jellyfish.

Looking back at Beadnell Harbor.

Walking down the beach slowly getting away from the crowds.

Looking across the bay , cant see much due to the sea fret.

Walking alongside the Brunton burn, looks like there has been some rough weather cutting into the sand dunes.

Still a few people around.

The foot bridge where I cross over the burn.

Now on the other side of the burn looking at my route.

At long last I seem to have lost the crowds.

Arty photo ?

Dead Otter , I have heard that they are about this way but have never seen any or met any one who has seen them in this area.

Looking back as the sea mist closes in.

Time to get off the beach as I cant walk on these rocks.

Old fence.

Looking back.

Old gate.

Heading down to another bay, in the winter months its quite common to find seals resting up here.

A  few photos as I make my way along the coast towards the Ship inn.

First sighting of Low Newton.

The ship inn.

The beach at Low Newton.

Heading back up the coast looking back.

Looking down to the old radar station.(no longer used)

Looking inland.


Morning after thoughts.

My knee didnít cause me any problems neither did I wake up with any stiffness or soreness  so will mark this up as a success , however the knee  still feels different when I go upstairs with a small nagging amount of pain unless I really take my time . I guess I will have to give it another week or so to sort itself out.