DATE                                  01.04.06

DISTANCE                        5.6 MILES

WEATHER                        BRIGHT BUT COLD



Newton point

Seeing as how both Yvonne and myself love this stretch of coastline, it didn’t take me long to convince Yvonne that we should have an afternoon wander up this way, I had been very busy catching up on boring household jobs in the morning, with the prospects of “food shopping” in the afternoon ….not something that really appeals to me, plus the shop would be chock a block full of people who would be rushing around like headless chickens , now if people want to rush around like headless chicken’s that’s fine by me .but ………..even after all this time I am still more or less useless when it come to weaving in and out the crowds , I simple cant swerve , speed up / slow down dodge fast enough so as a result I tend to avoid the crowds , (note from today ten years later even now I still cant do the rushing crowds thing and avoid them when ever I get the chance… Christmas shopping what a nightmare!!)

So after I quickly finished my last job off, it was time to get the walking gear sorted out, we wouldn’t be bothering with food or water as we planned to stop off at the ship Inn for both on our way past for lunch and possible on our way back just for coffee and of course a bottle of wine for Yvonne. Info:

We had stopped for a bite to eat and drink in here several times in the past, the only problem was it gets really full in the summer and it’s not uncommon to find the green outside covered with day trippers and walkers all sitting outside as it full to bursting point inside, however in the winter months it’s quite so hopefully it should be quite today. We have found the food to be excellent but slightly pricy but hey it’s worth it, and they do a really good mug of coffee, for those of you readers out there that have a problem refusing booze they also are a micro brewery and dish out some really good beers. So I am told!

Our route for today would start at the what we like to think as our normal starting point at Dunstan Steads , then straight down onto the beach and head up along the beach , naturally we didn’t bother to check the tides , but it doesn’t really matter as there is always a strip of sand to walk along except on very high tides then there is always the coastal path that runs alongside the coastline ( doh!! that’s why its called the coastal path ) as it was the tide was well out so it didn’t matter  on our way up we just had to stop and  call  in the ship inn for lunch ,(well it would be rude not to I had there home made  soup with fresh crusty bread ,  this pub knocks  up its own soups with a right strange concoctions  like fence post and sheep dropping s and other unheard of mixtures but believe me they are always very tasty  Yvonne had crab salad followed by a bucket of wine that nearly bankrupt me when it came time to pay (I should of offered them her body as payment …..On second thoughts that wouldn’t have cover a fraction of the price).

From there we carried on along the coastline for a bit then simply turned around and retraced our steps back again, naturally we called back in the ship inn (I had to break into my secret money stash in a hidden compartment of my rucksack what brought tears to my eyes) where I treated myself to coffee and Yvonne (much to her disgust) a coke then it was back to the beach and a slow walk along the beach back to the car, all very slow very easy walking, the weather was bright but cold and Yvonne had a face like a smacked arse because I got her a coke rather than her normal bucketful of wine but I am certain that her liver will thank me for it one day.

All in all we did about 5.6  miles but today wasn’t about the miles it was about getting out in the fresh air and (dare I say it) avoiding the shopping.

A few photos enjoy

Yvonne just got out the car and heading across the golf course down to the beach


On the beach at Embleton bay looking down towards Dunstanburgh Castle


Looking up the coastline, there are a few other people out today and by pure chance the tide is out


My better half with a rare smile ………….she knows wine is waiting around the corner (note she has her rucksack on)


Standing by where the   Embleton burn runs down into the sea


Some good looking male model


O Dear got a right rollicking for leaning over like this. It’s a bad habit that I still have today


Looking back at the castle, it dominates all the views for miles and miles


Taken after our lunch at the ship in looking at Newton Haven


Looking back at the castle, but it shows the sheltered bay of Newton Haven off


With the tide out quite a way it’s possible to see a lot of the rocks


Looking across at Newton Point, this used to be an old RAF early warning radar station


Looking past the rocks towards the small beach at Football hole


The rocks


Heading towards the beach with Snook point in the distance


After the strong winds there is a fair amount of kelp being washed up


Heading up into the dunes...looking back


Looking across the snook heading towards Beadnell Bay


Yvonne with a smile (I think that she just parsed wind)


The rocky start of Beadnell bay

Heading through the dunes to the bay


Bloody hell she is still smiling


Me having a sit down


On our way back heading across snook, there are hundred of rabbits on this stretch of grassland


Me trying to walk along a log over a swollen ditch (no I didn’t fall in)


Back at the coastline again and a few photos as we retrace our steps

Day after thoughts , no problems what so ever with arty leg or my stump But I was really shocked when I saw the photo of how badly I was leaning over and how I was sticking my left arm out for balance , it seems that my bad habits haven’t gone away …..something to think about.