DATE                                   30.09.15

DISTANCE                          7.78 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Today I would be meeting up with the Face book walking Group what goes’ under the name of “I WALKS” or Doug’s walking   group as I call it , and today we would be walking in the Netterwitton area .

Now this is an area that I have driven past many times as I head towards the Cheviots  but have never bothered to stop and mooch around, well hopefully that would all change today , as normal Doug had posted up the meeting place and the starting time and even posted up a map of the route that we would be taking so all was good and I have to say I was looking forward to meeting up with some of the gang again , sadly I seem to be at work for most of his walks and as a result have missed out on some really good days out .

One thing I was slightly concerned about was how my stump would hold up today, I had been out the day before and even though I had taken very easy it had been some time since I have done two full day of walking and I just didn’t know how the soft skin tissue would take two days worth of rubbing yes it was a bit red and tender the night before but its only just healed up after weeks of splitting and bleeding all over the place the last thing I wanted is to open it up again , but I figured if I covered the tender area and kept a close eye on things it should be ok and it should be a nice easy gentle route today and Doug does set an easy going pace after all that’s what his walks are about a good day out enjoying the scenery , good natter just enjoying the day and company none of this tearing about that some other groups do you know …if you haven’t covered 20 miles taken in ten summits all before breakfast your not even trying .

Anyhow for todays wander I would be taking Bob dog , both Flynn and Munchy where still resting up from the day before and snuck back upstairs to bed when I was getting the gear ready , a sign that they really wasn’t keen on having another days walking , Bob on the other hand was busy charging round the kitchen , following me as I got my kit ready , checking up that I had packed his food and treats then rushed to the front door waiting for me , and as I opened the door he run straight out and sat waiting for me to open the car up ………yes I was going nowhere without Bob dog .

Gear was thrown into the car, Bob dog jumped in and settled down and we was off with one stop at the sarnie shop for my normal sarnie plus Bob’s roast beef slice, but due to some serious bad luck in the form of train level crossing being down and broken, learner drivers and road works I arrived late but as luck would have it the rest of the group had only just arrived so I was forgiven. Gear was sorted …………….and we where off!

Our route for the day (see map above) took us out of the small village of Netherwitton and followed a series of footpaths making it a nice circular route: - some of the footpaths where well used some slightly overgrown but that’s to be expected, I wont even try to say where  we walked past or anything because I really don’t know the names of the places but if it bothers you it is possible to get the names etc. off the map above , normally I have to know as much as possible about the area but pre haps I’m starting to chill out a bit so  it was a bit of a mystery tour for me but it was a lovley day with a great bunch of folks and I had a good day , I did have a few problems with my Arty leg and had to have several stump breaks but nothing to get concerned about , we did about 7.78 miles mostly flat just enjoying  the good weather and some of our lovley countryside .

As normal a few photos from today:

Looking at the war memorial in the village


Bob dog waiting for us to catch up


Lovley old oak tree


High chair, I think that this chair is used for spotting wildlife but I’m not certain


Entering Low Healey wood


South Healey woods?


Not really sure where I am looking at, but it was typical of the views today .our countryside


Heading out of South Healey woods


Once again I am not sure what I am looking at here …an old farm ruin?


A couple of photos of the scenery as we make our way along


 Ewesley gill?


A bit closer


Looking back


Doug doing what Doug does best in the middle of Ewesley Burn (fortunately there wasn’t much water in there today)


Bob Dog waiting for us in Broomfield Fell (forest)

Bob racing back to let us know he has found the way out


Cleared section of the forest


Emma in one of the “wildlife seats”


Cobwebs in the shade

Close up

Another cleared section


Close up of Bob dog


Our afternoon break, Bob having a sit down in the lush grass

O no it’s the shadow dog creeping up on Bob


Nom nom tasty! Could be a deer?


Some views

Fallen tree

Ruined farm at Bellion?

A nice tree lined drive. The farm mush have been quite something in the past


Bob having a cooling drink just before we get back to the cars, he also cooled his paws down.


Day after thoughts.

Yet another good days walking with this great bunch of folks , I cant say that the route had anything that stands out but its all in lovley in un spoilt countryside  and really is a pleasure to spend the day out there .

Arty leg behaved for the most part, the hydraulic cylinder did wind itself off several times , but as I knew about it before hand it didn’t cause any problems , it only takes seconds to wind it back up again . I was sweating a lot today which caused the seal to start to slid up and down which meant several “stump” breaks , the sore and tender skin was no better or worse so I think taking it easy is the way forward with regard to multi day walks .

However I did develop a clicking in the foot as the day went on and so far haven’t identified what’s causing that plus I am making a sort of “twunking” noise as I put weight on and off my foot …sigh I think another call to the freeman limb centre is on the cards .