DATE                            09.01.2014

DISTANCE                   JUST OVER 5 MILES

WEATHER                   BRIGHT BUT COLD


New toy to play with

As all you avid readers (do we have any?) will have noted we haven’t done any posted up any adventures for some time, this is because (a) we cant agree on who should type it all up and (b) Mick hasn’t been taking his camera with him, in fact the hack that he is barley takes anything with him not like when we first started where he would throw stuff in his rucksack but as long as he takes a bag full of treats we are happy , anyhow that all changed when he managed to lay his hands on a tiny Camera , in fact its so small it can easily fit into his shirt pocket so now he has no excuses.

We knew that Mick would want to try it out straight away and proceeded to bark at him letting him know where we think he should take us, we don’t mind where we go as long as we get out on a big adventure , due to the very wet weather we had been having  we didn’t think that we would be going to the woods or fields as we normally get covered in mud and have to be bathed (we don’t really like getting bathed we would much sooner run around the house rubbing the mud off on the carpet or sofa ) naturally both Mick and Yvonne  don’t really like that as they have to clean up then Mick said I know boys lets go to Druridge bay  great we all barked and proceeded to run round barking like ………well like some nutty dogs , right lets ok said mick opening the front door , charge we all yelled and charged off towards the car , mick quickly opened the car door and we all jumped in and settled down .

Driving up to the car parking spot didn’t take long but that doesn’t matter as we have found a new game to play in the car we are big enough to look out the windows now and every now and then we will bark at a passing car, we think its great fun, Mick doesn’t and tend to tell us to be quite, so we tend to put our noses against the glass and leave snotty trails on the windows (that will teach him ha). Once we arrived Mick let us out and charge off we went, we love it up here we can run play and mooch around to our little hearts content, sometimes we bump into other dogs who are out with the owners and play with them but today there was no one around, so off we run charging through the sand dunes hoping that we might bump into a rabbit, we like it when we see a rabbit, they can run very fast, even faster than Flynn and we never can catch them up . Every now and then Mick would call us and try to get us to stand still so he could try out the new camera, it’s not very quick like his big normal camera and it’s causing him to swear a lot, I don’t think he likes it that much  but that’s his problem not ours .

For our walk today mick took us from the small car park at Hemscott hill along the dunes up to Druridge links where mick tried to trick us by heading back onto the coastal path and the wildlife ponds only to stay on there till we got to Chibburn links then  cut back through the dunes again and onto the beach, we all love the beach, there is so much space to run and play and even though we often get wet we know that we wont get bathed when we get home because we don’t get muddy, sometimes there is lots of stuff washed up to mooch around and if we are really lucky we find dead crabs that we try to eat before Mick takes them off us , on the beach we saw  a dog with his owner having a walk , we went over to say hello , sadly he couldn’t play as he was on his lead , he told us that he had been bad and didn’t come back when called and so he was on a lead for the rest of the day . …………………huuuuuuum that made us think sometime we don’t always come back first time when mick calls us, I suppose that we had better start behaving naturally the dogs owner told mick about his bad dog and the looks mick gave us was priceless ok ok we barked we will be good we said, and we really did mean it for the next minute or so but once we got running and playing we soon forgot about our promise to be good , Sadly we got back to the car and all jumped in , Mick gave us a treat for being good and we all settled down for a well earned nap whilst we where driven home .

Mick took a few photos but he is not happy with the camera.

Sign post at least we are not lost


Looking across at one of the many wild fowl watering holes dotted around this area


And yet another bit of wetland


Looking towards the dunes


Flynn and Bob

Munchy having a sit down


Don’t even think about it munchy


Now charging through the reeds to get to the dunes


Hang on you three wait for me


The boys have disappeared I expect that they are on the beach already


No Munchy come running out from behind one of the dunes


Heading down to the beach


Looks like we have got the place to ourselves again


Sniffing around


A few beach photos looking both up and down (north & south)



Having a sniff around an old washed up tree stump whilst the others play

Flynn sniffing at what I think is a crab shell (I better get it before he try’s to eat it)


Munchy now looking for some tasty (dead) thing to eat


Where one of the ponds overflows down the beach

Looking back


Bob and Munchy charging off down the beach


Flynn waiting for me as normal (he takes his duties very seriously)


Bob and Munchy sniffing for something (most likely dead and tasty)


Looking back it’s really is a lovley beach


Munchy and Bob running and playing


Last look down the beach before we head back to the car


The boys settling down in the car