After my disappointing walk and the painful problems that I got following this incident see:-     DISAPPOINTMENT


I have decided that until I know things are back to normal I will have to take a pair or crutches with me into the hills , this brings its own problems …… start with they have to pack down small enough to fit into my ruck sack . Not a problem I thought until I tried to find some .a huge search on the all knowing Google brought up a huge selection, but there was only one “folding travelling pair” and as luck would have it I have already seen these and they might be alright for getting around in a hotel or from one room to the next but there is no way that they would last a trip coming down some fell on a rocky uneven path and at the cost of 80 of my hard earned pounds there was no way I was going to pay that out on the off chance that they would last the trip. And if I had to use them I know things would be bad.

No time for a rethink (smoke now comes from Mick’s ears).

What I decided on was to use my old and forgotten about spare pair and modify them using a few bits from an old Zimmer frame that was lying about.

All it involved was a cut on the long section, a small insert and a couple of those popper things:

Photo showing how they broke down (far too long)


Showing how small the newly modified crutch breaks down.


Part assembled.


 Fully assembled, next to the original crutch


Close up showing the new joint.


After a test run or two up and down a local small hill, I think that these should do the job. And just to make things even better I got a standby set of crutches from the second hand shop for £5.00 so I still have a spare set so it means that my new singing / dancing cut down ones can live in my rucksack for the time being.

First walk , still need some work on how they fit on the  ruck sack but it seems to work out ok .(taken on Long Crag.)