Another year over

Well it’s coming to that time of the year again when I sit back and think about how it all went walking wise or should I say leg wise.

Once again despite another year going past, I still haven’t got to that stage where I just put my leg on and take it as normal, I am beginning to think that I never will, pre haps its all in the mind I really don’t know, all I know is that I still dread that first initial donning of the leg first thing in the morning and that all important first weight bearing step, will it hurt or is it going to be ok? Fortunately the vast amount of times it fine but there is still that moment of dread where my heart beats that little bit faster and I get that cold sweaty feeling even for a micro second . Maybe thing will change next year who know …………..I hope so

It’s been (as normal) a bit of a mixed year with a few success stories, the main highlight being walking Hadrian’s wall with a group of fellow amputees and some mega hard boggy  walks in the Cheviots, but I have a lot of down time as well mainly due to either my stump playing up or arty leg breaking down and a huge amount of time waiting for the NHS to fix it ,&  the really hot weather we had during the summer didn’t help neither , with all the sweating which literally caused the leg to drop off. Still can’t complain (well I could but it would change anything)

Sadly I didn’t get any walking done across the Lake District this year and my long suffering walking buddy Yvonne’s circumstances have changed & she has moved on in her new life and I wish her nothing but the best. But it means  I will have to find a new walking buddy ……….not as easy as it sounds , I am happy out there on my own but I think my wife is starting to worry about me when I disappear into the hills on my own

On the good side I am now the very proud owner of three young JackAwawa (spelling?)  pups , who turned out  to be a life saver for me in the hot summer months when I could hardly walk at all , between them they have helped me keep moving when I would have given up and spent the day sitting on my arse . And even if I say this myself it is nice to have a bit of company when I am out in the hills someplace even if they do as they want rather than do as I want but its early days yet and I am confident that with a bit more training we will all get our act together .

The Future:-

I don’t have any real planes for the coming year  walking wise, other than to get out as much as possible ,there are a few things I would like to see but nothing that cant wait  I would also  like to be able to get away a lot more in our little van for some extended long weekends parking up in remote but lovley parts of the country and seeing / doing stuff that wouldn’t be possible on a normal day trip , if I find a walking buddy I would love to spend a few more days across the Lakes ,but I will have to wait and see on that .

I would really really like to have a holiday back up in Skye , but my better half wont even hear of it after the bad weather we had last time , I was hoping that she would have forgotten about that by now , but even the smallest mention of Skye and she goes into rant mode. Sooooooooo I will put that on “hold” for a while as well.

Anyway that’s enough for this year and now a moving photo thingy showing one photo from each walk done this year enjoy :-


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