DATE                                30.05.2010

DISTANCE                       ABOUT 6,5 MILES




This is another area that I never get tired of and do my best to return at least once per year, in fact there are quite a few areas that I try to return to no wonder I am having trouble trying to fit them all in, I really need to win the lotto so I can pack up work and spend more time doing tings that I want.

Muker or should I say the hay meadows of Muker, it was these meadows that first caught my interest and caused us to come and pay the area a visit ………….and you know something it was well worth it, not only for the meadows themselves but the stunning scenery and just to make stuff even better the paths are all well worn and easy to walk along, which might not mean much to any normal walker but as an amputee its something that we really appreciate and on this route there is even a place to grab a coffee before you start a lovley farm type tea room at Keld which is a must stop at place and stuff your face with lots of tasty food then when you walked back there is a choice of tea rooms / café where you once again can pig out if you wish too, there is of course a choice of pubs but seeing as my better half gets a bit carried away after she has drunk the pub dry I tend to avoid these places now .(she can get a bit rowdy at times )

Any way this walk, we parked up along the roadside at Muker, there is a car park in the village but we didn’t see it till we where past it, and so we pulled up behind all the other cars that had the same idea as us, gear was sorted and off we went, there are loads of sign posts along this route but no one can get lost simply because of the good pathways, our route took us through murker and into a series of small fields or meadows from there we would head down to the river Swale cross over then follow the path up along the valley passing Swinners  Gill and its waterfall , up past Crackpot Hall then down to Catrake force where we would link up with the Pennine way , cross back over the river Swale then a small detour to the farm café at Keld which will spoil you for choice’s  from tasty snacks to mouth watering slices of cake, trust me on this you will kick yourself if you miss this café out . 

After we stuffed our faces it was again a simple case of sticking to the well marked footpath and follows the river Swale back down only this time on the other side of the river Swale , doing a small detour to see Kidson force   then for the last mile or so you are back in the hay meadows, I should go on and say that there are several routes back some high level some low, we chose the low level today , the area is covered with old ruins from the long past mining industry and even though we didn’t see the hay meadows at there best (we where to early) it is a wonderful area and we will be back not only to explore this area again but the other valleys as well.

As normal a few photos;

Just left Muker and entering the first hay meadow


One of the many stone barns, with Ivelet wood on High Kisdon in the background


Taken looking up the (very low) river Swale


Looking down the river from the footbridge


Taken at max zoom looking towards Swinners gill, the vehicles where all part of the rescue services having a training day


Looking across to the other side at the bluebells on what I think is Kidon Hill


Looking back along the valley, we intend to walk back along there later today.


A slightly closer photo showing the bluebells


Getting closer to Swinners Gill


Looking up the valley still a fair way to go, the size of this valley is very impressive


Again looking back down the river Swale


 Quick photo of my better half, she has a nice smile on her face today because it’s a nice easy route normally face and smacked arse seem to fit.


Striding off ……don’t worry about me your poor old crippled hubby!

Looking down the valley as we shelter from a passing rain shower


Wow ….Swinners Gill, there are path heading up there but that’s not for us today but one day you never know


Still smiling, but its hard not to smile on a day like today


A couple of waterfall photos


And one of an old ruin


Looking back down the path

As we have gain a little the view opens up a bit more looking down the valley


Looking along the valley towards Keld


Well someone has to make a fool of themselves don’t they?


Not sure what this used to be, the whole area is covered with ruins from one thing or another


Looking down at the river Swale


Keld and the camp site, unfortunately it’s just for tents other wise we would book up here


The waterfall Catrake Force


Same again


A couple of photos of the East Gill as it flow down to the river Swale


We have now crossed over the Swale, stuffed our faces and are heading back towards Muker on the opposite bank, looking across to where we was earlier

Passing an old barn, the footpaths are a lot smaller on this side of the valley but its still very easy walking


Looking across to some old working o the other bank, we couldn’t see them from the path this morning

Close up of a dark scary hole


Talking about scary


Another rain shower but it really doesn’t matter


More old barns, we sheltered in one of these (it smelt a bit)


Looking across at Swinners Gill, the rescue services are still at it


A slightly different view of the gill


Now about to enter the hay meadows again last look back up the valley


One last look


Looking across to the path we walk along this morning


Easy walking along the river




Back in the hay meadows a few more photos, we where a bit early to see them at there best but its still worth a visit


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