DATE                               14.08.2010

DISTANCE                       5.1 MILES




Today we were off for a wander around the small village of Malham and if all goes to plan we would pay a visit to the cove and Gordale scar & Janet’s floss  and even though  both Yvonne and I   have been here several times in the past and it  still hasn’t  lost non of that wow factor and because of the nature of the place it takes very little effort to get to see the place, however today  I would be introducing my brother and sister in laws to the area so I spent a few minutes praying to the weather gods for some decent weather and for once they must have been paying attention as we got good weather for the day but  it was a bit dull to start with ……….so if you reading this weather gods come on pay a bit more attention to the details…….if I pray for good weather it means I want good weather from the start Right !………….. Moving on.

Parking up in the main car park or should I say trying to find a place to park proved to be the first difficult task of the day, fortunately there was a disabled space going begging and as my three readers will know that I am the proud owner of a blue badge so I had no problem with parking up there what I did object to was the fact I still had to pay …..typical yorky money grabbing people but to be honest I didn’t really mind because there was spotlessly clean toilet facility’s at the car park plus numerous free walking leaflets for the taking at the visitors centre, I only really object to paying for parking when you get nothing provided but as a member of the disabled community I feel that other people expect me to be a miserable moaning old git and I hate to disappoint them so I go through the motions.

However my better half left her walking poles in the lady’s and what’s more forgot all about them till we where well into the walk , we hoped that some kind honest person would hand them in at the centre and we would collect them when we got back as it was they didn’t and so I am now one pair of walking poles short , I really hope the person who found them and decided to keep them has many happy years using them …….no I  don’t really I hope you fall and break your leg you miserable dishonest thieving piece of s**t .

Right getting back to the walk our route for the day was to wander through the delightful village of Malham, making note of what place we would call in on when we got back for a very well deserved cream tea then cut down to the Gordale beck where we would follow it into a small wood where we should (if all goes well) get to see Janet’s floss which has a not so secret cave hidden behind it , I only know this because of the information board that is situated by the waterfall. From there still following the beck we head up the very impressive valley known as Gordale to where the waterfall is at Gordale Scar, this is some serious stuff to see, there is a footpath that will lead you to climb up the rocks by the waterfall and further along, however being a bit of a cripple and having a couple of very unfit lady’s with me we decided to walk back out and take the much easer route up to  Malham cove , but first we had to stop for coffee and nice treats at Gordale bridge and the little mobile snack van that is always parked there in the warmer months .

After a well deserved break we set off again, the route is very easy to follow but still involved some uphill walking till finally you burst over the summit and see the top or limestone top of Malham cove , this is something well worth seeing and naturally is very busy with the day trippers etc. (one of which had my walking poles the thieving s**ts) but I didn’t know that at the time , after lots of photos and yet another sit down  it was time to head back down , now the parks people have put in a  stone stair way down  which makes things a lot easer , then once at the base we had a slow walk back following the Malham beck back to Malham , again the parks people had done a very good job and laid a very good path to walk along .

In Malham we just had to stop at one of the many tea rooms for a very well deserved cream tea , my better half who has a bit of a drinks problem wanted to hit the bars but we managed to keep her out of them telling her it would do her good to stay sober for once in her life , then the talk turned should we order four cream teas or just two and split them , now I love cream teas and there is no way that I’m going to share mine so to avoid any blood shed we decided to get four , and very nice they where too, I was hoping that I could nick a bit of cream off one of the others but after being stabbed several times with there forks  I took it as NO I couldn’t . We did about 5.1 miles all very easy and relaxed and we all had a very good time, apart from Yvonne who sulked a bit because she was still sober. And of course she was in my bad books for leaving my new anti shock poles laying about for some thieving little sh**t to pick up. (She wasn’t really but I made her use odd poles for the next few walks)

As normal a from photos from today:-


Walking along the well laid path towards the wood where Janet’s floss is


My better half, Yvonne who just realised that she left the poles someplace


First sight of Janet’s floss


Close up


Now leaving the trees and looking towards Gordale scar


Approaching the entrance (if that’s the right term)


Getting closer, this place is far bigger than it first looks


Looking up


First sight of the small waterfall (if that’s the right term)


A bit closer, there is a footpath that takes you up this; it’s very busy at times


A close up of one of the water spouts


Looking back towards the entrance


Looking up again


One more of the water falling, over the years it’s left a strange paten / marking on the rock


Looking back out and the sun is starting to come out


Another photo as we walk back out our route will be a much easer but longer way to the cove


How about this for a camp site, just think waking up to this first thing in the morning


Now starting on a easer way to Malham cove


As we gain a bit of height the views start to open up, now looking back


One of the rocky gullies we pass


Our route, all very easy walking mostly on grass with the odd bolder scattered around


Then suddenly we are at the edge of Malham cove looking down


Gulp! It’s quite high


Having a sit down and just taking in the view


Our route will take us around the edge


Again looking down


Looking at the “main” limestone top


My better half with one of my poles (I’m not bitter about the loss….honest)


Looking at the main bit and the amount of people up here


Looking down


The Pennine way heads up this way , we decide to have a walk along a bit to see what its like for next time we are down this way see  :-


A bit further along


Now back on the limestone above the cove


A few more from the top

Sigh!! Time to start heading down away from this lovley place


A few more photos as we make our way down to the Malham Burn


Now at the burn


A few more photos of the cove and burn as we make our way back


My better half, feeling happy (she thinks that we are heading for the pub now)


Close up...should I tell her it’s a tea room instead?


Looking back at the cove


Last look before we head back into Malham


Old bridge leading to a tea room, a good and proper way to finish a walk


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