DATE                                  11.09.11

DISTANCE                        JUST UNDER 5 MILES

WEATHER                        GREY AND WET


We first called in this area about eight years ago; in fact it was shortly after my accident, we where down this way as part of my recovery program , not sure what type of program I was on but it involved trying to get out and see stuff , a friend had kindly informed me that there was very good facilities and paths to see Malham cove and Gordale Scar that they  where very disabled friendly , at the time I was on a mixture of  crutches /wheelchair and brand new arty training leg and was  as weak as a new born kitten (ok so I was a wuss) . But we went down there and any one who has been there will tell you, you donít have to do anything difficult to get to see these wondrous sights. And so begin our love affair of this wonderful area. Since then we have made a point of visiting this area at least once a year, and over the years my ability to walk a little bit better and a little bit further has opened the whole area up to me resulting in some very enjoyable walks.

It is as I have said a wonderful area

This walk is typical of f the many walks that I have done in this area enjoy.

A few photos enjoy.

Looking towards Malham Cove.


Gordale scar.


The path along Gordale beck (I think) easy walking.


The path entering the woods for Janetís Foss.


Janetís Foss


My better half.


The entrance to Gordale scar.


Getting closer, still a good path.


The waterfall, they (not sure who) are doing some training today. What these photos donít show was how windy it was and the spray was going every where.


Close up.


On my way back.


We are now heading back across towards Malham cove, looking back towards Gordale.


Looking up towards Watlowes (I think) the Pennine way runs along there.


First sighting of the limestone above Malham Cove.


A few (a lot)  photos  as we make our way across it, there is even a few looking over the edge, it was very windy when I took these plus the stone was very slippery , I really have trouble walking on this type of surface even today I am very careful and avoid it where possible.


Heading down, most of the way there are very good stone steps which makes life that little bit easer.


A few photos as we make our way down.

phew!! made it to the bottom.

Malham beck, it emerges from under the cove.


The Cove, there are rock climbers up there today.

My better half Yvonne.


Last look back.


In  Malham now heading for a tea room.


A good way to finish a walk.

Day after thoughts.

None really , again the weather wasnt at its best , grey and drizzle most of the time, will have to remember to keep away from the edge when the stone is wet . no aches or pains so all in all a good day .