DATE                              16.05.2014

DISTANCE                      WE DONT CARE ! HA HA

 WEATHER                     HOT AND SUNNY




Messing around by the river

Hi people, it’s my turn (Flynn) to tell you about our last walk, I had been busy playing in the back garden with Bob and Munchy running around the fish pond, stopping every now and then to have a drink before running the other way around, of course I had to keep an eye on those two, they both knew that I had a hidden stash of treats out in the garden and I knew that they were looking for them so each time they got close I had to divert there attention by running in and giving each one a playful bite , this caused them to chase me round the pond for a few more laps , it was getting hot and slowly but surely I was getting knackered , wait you two I barked why don’t we see if Mick will take us for a walk along the river somewhere nice and cool and there might even be a chance to go paddling  ! Right ok replied Bob but you go upstairs and talk to Mick, Mick was busy painting in Kerri’s old room, and he is turning it from a disgusting pig sty into a nice room again, but as he is painting we aren’t allowed in the room after Munchy put his foot in the paint tray and splashed it every where  so I had to wait at the door and bark at him.

“What’s up Flynn” asked Mick, Look Mick why don’t you have a rest from this boring decorating stuff and take us for a nice walk along the river , it’s nearly our walk time anyway and it’s getting to hot for all this running around . Much to my surprise Mick agreed, ok Flynn I will be  a couple of minutes finishing off then I will be down …..Why don’t you pop back down to the garden and let Bob & Munchy know and you might want to hurry as they are just about to find one of your secret treat stashes …WHAT!!!!! I barked how do you know about my stashes but before he answered I was off running down stairs and out into the garden, Both Bob and Munchy greeted me with their mouths full of my tasty treats, don’t worry Flynn we have left you some said Munchy but you had better hurry or there will be none left, I ran over to where I had hidden them and they were right they had left me some so before they could get them I quickly grabbed them and sat down to eat them , What did Mick say Bob Asked , he said ok and will be down in a few minutes . Munchy came over and asked “Flynn why do you keep hiding things?” I don’t know it’s just my nature is suppose well I’m pleased you do Munchy replied because it means more for me, I sighed he is right of course I keep hiding things and they always seem to find them but before I could think of why mick came out and called “right you lot into the car “……..we didn’t need telling twice and charged out of the garden into the car, Mick of course put the cold air thingy on and soon we were all nicely settled chilling out in the back of a car . We had to stop at some traffic lights and Bob stood up and looked out the window and decided to bark at someone walking past. HA HA made them jump said Bob will you shut up came from Mick and we drove off again.

It didn’t take long till we came to a stop and Mick let us out again , we got the normal talk off Mick about being good and not pestering people or there would be big trouble , we pretended to act like we cared but really we didn’t , “where are we going “ I asked  more to shut him going on about this boring stuff more than any real interests  ok we are setting off from here Bedlington Park and heading down to the river there if you are good we will stay on the path  and follow the river downstream till we come to the country park then we will leave the path and make our own way back , there are lots of places where you can all go in the river for a paddle if you want so you can cool off if you want and there might be a few other dogs out to play with , Ok Mick sounds good lets go I replied . And so we set off, there was lots of interesting stuff to mooch around and lots of different smells to investigate, we met a few other dogs and said hello and even had a play with some then we got down to the park and the river , we had great fun here , running and splashing around , there was some big dogs who were swimming right out where it was very deep , Bob swam out to join them for a while then came back and shook water all over me , then laughed and ran off , Mick was busy throwing sticks for me and Munchy , we like fetching them but Munchy likes to chew them and once I have got it I don’t like giving it back and make Mick chase me for it , which is great fun , slowly we made our way back along the river , again there was lots to see and explore and when we started getting too hot we would paddle in the river again , we saw a few rabbits but they run off as soon as we saw them and it was too hot to chase them , we know that they can run really fast so we didn’t bother , then before we knew it we was back at the car , now I must admit I was already for jumping into the car and settling down for the drive back but not before giving Mick instructions to put the cold air thingy on so we was all nice and cool. We had one stop on the way home and that was at our favourite store the pet store, we are allowed in here and there are loads of nice tasty treats and the staff often give us strokes and even small tasty tit bits to eat, Mick brought a load of chews for us, “I noticed that your secret stash has been found Flynn” so when we get home I will give you all some more. Seems like a good plan to me I replied.

As normal Mick took a few photos from today enjoy:-


Taken from the car park, we had great fun running and playing in the grass


Now this is sad, but we don’t know anything about it, but we still stopped and bowed our heads


Looking along the river Blyth


Looking back Mick took lots of photos at this spot


A bit further along


Some type of flower, we sniffed them but couldn’t really smell much


Now in a huge section of wild Garlic phew it smelt really strong here


More yucky Garlic we ran past this as fast as possible


Wild stuff we like going in here, we found rabbits but they ran away before we could talk to them


Back on the human path, they have some strange exercise stuff along this path


More of these exercise stuff


Looking down towards the river, we will be down there soon


Some old sign about some worthless bit of metal


Worthless bit of metal


Now paddle and play time


Munchy and Bob getting wet feet


Some flooded stepping stones, the water are up slightly because of the rain we have had the last few days


Bob and Munchy cooling off


Bob having a bit of practise swimming


Looking up the river


Bob getting into deep water


Bob making friends with a big dog after a swim


Now on the riverside path, we ran along here and jumped out on each other great fun


Looking at the river


Me having a sniff


Munchy waiting for Mick (we still take it in turns to keep an eye on him)


Bob coming back to let Munchy away


Looking at the river and some blue flowers


Looks a bit fast for us here


Yuck more wild Garlic to run past ….it was very smelly here


Me waiting for Mick” Hurry up Mick it stinks here “I yell


Last look up the river


Under the bridge then we are back.


One photo that mick played with


Thanks for reading this and we all hope you enjoyed it .xx