DATE                                   29.12.06

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 3.2 MILES

WEATHER                         WET

START FINISH                  NT CAR PARK

After really pigging out over Christmas I really needed to get out some place and get some fresh air into my lungs , I wasn’t really feeling that good either , you know post-Christmas blues , feeling bloated and very lazy ……………no it’s no good I really need to get out for a while , I knew that I wouldn’t  be able to walk very far as once again I had started to have socket fit problems and somehow I seemed to be touching a nerve in my stump which was starting to get a bit on the painful side , its most likely caused by a small amount of weight gain or too many fluids causing my stump to swell a tiny bit , so apart from removing some lining from the socket the only other thing was to try to loss a tiny bit of weight , cut down on some fluids and lastly get some exercise so today was a sort of medical day out , I mentioned this to my long suffering better half who agreed it would be nice to get some fresh air as well , the only problem was the weather was rotten , grey and wet you know that heavy wet clag that seems to soak you without even trying .

A quick look at one of the many weather stations on line showed if we headed west, the weather should (note I said should) get better so that was that, all my fuddled brain could think of was either Hadrian’s wall or Allen Banks, Hadrian’s wall was quickly dismissed because of the wind, it can get very exposed up on the wall but Allen banks is in a sheltered valley and would offer some shelter from the wind. So that was the destination sorted, we have both had a wander around here before so there wouldn’t be any surprises and we wasn’t planning on going far , today was more about getting some fresh air that’s all.

Gear was thrown into the car, we didn’t bother with food as we planned to stop on the way back at a small farm shop where they did really tasty food and what is possibly the best cream tea in Northumberland (yes I know we was trying to get away from all the rich food that we had been eating for the last week or so) and no I’m not letting where it is because you will all go there.

After a short while we pulled up in the car park, its pay and display which as a rule annoys me but seeing as they keep the toilets open and clean all the year round I don’t really mind, the weather hadn’t really improved much perhaps we needed to go a lot further west, but it is what it is and so we put our gear on and off we went, like I mentioned earlier today was just stroll to get some fresh air into our lungs and basically kick start us again and if the truth is known the wet weather sort of helped . Our route for the day (what route?) would keep us on the well-used footpaths following the river Allen, we would stop for coffee as and where we wanted and basically go as far as we wanted, it was all easy walking but in the end the weather just got worse and worse with the clag turning into a heavy constant rain , by this time I had got my waterproofs on and  we both decided to call it a day and head back before we both got really soaked , again even though it was throwing it down we didn’t rush back , sometimes it nice to wander along in the pouring rain knowing that your waterproofs would (fingers crossed ) keep you dry and of course we had the place to ourselves which sort of added to the feel of the walk .

We only walked about 3.2 miles but it didn’t matter we both had a good if not short day and on the way home we stopped off at the tea room for yes you guessed it …cream tea ( a good and proper way to finish a day )

A few photos before the rain came down

 A very plump looking me at the start


Looking down at the river Allen


Looking back along the path

Yvonne playing on the suspension bridge


Up close


A bit further along the river we leave the footpath for a while


Looking across to the other bank


The river, still running clear after all the rain


Starting to climb up a bit

One of the many nameless becks running down to the river


Same again


Starting to rain now as we cross over a small bridge


Small beck running into the Allen


Same place looking the other way


Looking up at the sky ……….it’s going to get wet!


The cliffs


Looking across to the other bank


My better half posing as it starts to rain


Time to call it a day I think


Coffee stop first


Yvonne smiling because we are heading back now

Looking up at the cliffs


Last look back as we put the camera away and head back


 Day after thoughts:-

 I didn’t have any problems with my stump , but I didn’t really expect to , the pain I had been experiencing didn’t happen and once again I have got to put it down as “one of those things”, it might have been a very small walk but we both felt better for just getting out for the day