DATE                               20.10.15

DISTANCE                     WE DONT KNOW OR CARE

WEATHER                     DRY  SUNNY BUT COOL


Playing at Plessey woods

Hello all, it’s my turn to write up about our latest adventure, we all knew that we would be going out for a mega afternoon walk as Mick had the day off, the only problem was that Mick was having problems with his arty leg and from what he told us we gather that it is totally buggered and causing him a few problems so we knew that we all had to be on our best behaviour but then we always are so that really didn’t matter. Finally I got the call “Munchy” ………………..Woof I barked back “what’s up Mick”, go round up Bob and Flynn and tell them to get ready , right I woofed and run off to find them , Bob was mooching around in the garden , I think that he was waiting for either the fat pidgin or the black cat to come into the garden so he could chase them , come on Bob I shouted time to go , ok Bob replied then it was a run upstairs to get Flynn up , Flynn was busy snoozing on the big bed all snuggled up with a couple of treats hidden close by . come on Flynn I barked time to get your arse out of bed and downstairs …………………we don’t want to keep Mick waiting, ok barked Flynn and as he jumped off the bed, Bob jumped onto the bed and went straight for the treats ……snooze you lose said Bob as he grabbed a treat and run back down stairs smacking his lips together.

Mick was at the front door waiting, come on you lot let’s get going, charge we all yelled as we run out, Mick opened the car and we all jumped in and settled down, we all know that mick wont drive till we have all settled down, where are we going I asked, good question Munchy .I think that we will all go to Plessey woods , there are good paths there that I should be able to manage and there will be loads of leaves blowing around for you all to chase . Sounds like a good plan Mick I barked back and then settled down to chat with Bob and Flynn.

It didn’t take long before we stopped and mick let us out, Charge we all went running off towards the grassy field while mick got sorted out. Come on you lot yelled mick and off we went, we have been here loads of times and always have fun, in the summer we often have a paddle or swim in the river, but I wasn’t planning to go in today, Bob might because he loves messing about in the water, Flynn is a bit of a softy when it comes to water and will only go paddling when it’s really hot. we hadn’t gone far before we met up with a few other dogs ……we run up to them and said hello then had a great game of chase , mick didn’t mind as he was busy chatting to their owners , then we headed off down into the woods where there was loads of leaves blowing around ..this was great fun and we spent ages chasing them all around the place, Mick had to call for Flynn a few times as he just seemed to disappear into the leaves, in fact we thought that we had lost him a few times when suddenly he would run out from under a big pile and nip us as he run past.

As it was school holidays there were loads of people out with their dogs and we all had a great time, playing chase, then we were down at the river, Bob of course went straight in with some other big dogs for a quick swim, we of course had a paddle and a drink but it was far too cold to go swimming, bob of course called us softies but we knew he didn’t mean it.

Then it was charge into the trees again for a high speed run to warm up and another game of chase, Mick didn’t mind and was walking very slow and having lots of stops, I think that his arty leg was bothering him but he said that he was ok when I went back to check on him and so the afternoon past by with us running and playing all over the place, we met up with loads of new friends and had a great time , this time of year there is so much to do with all the leaves blowing around , in fact we were all worn out by the time we got back to the car.

Once we all got back home it was nap time and we all settled down in front of the fire, we like snoozing in front of the fire, then Yvonne called us and told us tea was ready and boy was I ready for tea, after tea we all settled down for the night …yes today’s walk was a good one.

Mick took a few photos enjoy:

Entering the woods

Which way?


We decide to head down towards Pegwhistle burn


The burn (or part of it)


Me and Bob sniffing, Flynn can’t be seen


A bridge crossing over the burn, we jump across the burn as it’s so small here


Looking down the burn (it’s almost covered in leaves)


Me and Bob on a leafy trail, Flynn just disappears into the leaves


Looking down at the burn

Big tree (we all stopped for a wee here)


You can just see Flynn here before he disappears again


Lots of leaves in the burn today


Me (Munchy) and Flynn having a good sniff at something


Me having a paddle and drink


Well look at Flynn getting his paws wet


Looking at all the leaves floating down the burn


Looking at another bridge, mick walked across this (the wuss)


Now at the river Blyth


There are quite a few leaves in here as well


A bit further along


Me checking out the seat for mick


Ducks we like duck nom nom


Me and Bob looking for Flynn

Looking back down the river


Just look at those leaves


Let’s go play in there for a while it looks good fun


This looks like a good spot to dig ….lets go


Let’s get digging!


Looking up the river


Looking back down


Where is Flynn?


Nice spot to sit and let mick have a rest


Looking upstream


Let’s go down here and mooch around


Looking back


Bob checking up on mick


Look there’s Flynn


Onto the grassy field let’s run


Bob sniffing


Part of the old quarry house


Me waiting for Mick to catch up


Time to head back …come on Bob lets go


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all soon xxx