DATE                                              14.12.11

WEATHER                                     DULL BUT DRY

DISTANCE                                     ABOUT 6 .4 MILES

START / FINISH                           AT DUNSTAN STEADS

Todayís walk was a simple walk along a section of the coast which I always enjoy.

The last few days we had been treated if thatís the right word, to strong winds that had been blowing off the sea, so I was hoping that I might catch a few big waves breaking on the rocks making for impressive photos, as it was the waves didnít get that big or must have died down long before I got there. But that didnít matter I needed to get a bit of fresh air into my lungs and so any excuse to get out.

I parked up at the end of the road at Dunstan Steads, feeling rather pleased as I was the only one there , it can get very busy during the summer months , not that I mind but I wanted some peace and quiet (yes I know I am an old grump ), and headed off , it was my plan to keep off the beach to start with just sticking to the grassy footpaths that run alongside the beaches and walk back along the beach on my way back , I didnít have any distance in mind just a walk and see how it goes , you know see how the weather is etc.

The highlight of this walk was meeting a very young seal, who must have come ashore to rest up after the storms that we had been having, you get quite a few seals resting up on the beaches but it is always nice to see them.

A few photos;

Just got onto the Coastle path looking back towards Dunstanburgh Castle

A bit further along and again looking back towards the castle

Cutting up into the dunes at Skaith (still looking back )

Looking back along Embleton bay

Now in one of the bird hides at Low Newton , can say that there are many birds on this pond , but I once saw a Heron eating a huge fish , but during the summer months there are a few bird watchers that turn up here so there must be something that visits .

Cutting across newton point , looking back you can just make out Low Newton , there is a small pub there "The Ship Inn" it well worth a visit , makes its own beer as well as good food .


Not really sure what this small bay is called I just know it as "Football Hole"

Time for me to cut down onto the beach and think about heading back the other way

Well its Sammy the seal , I was hoping that I would see some today , but you never know seeing them up close always makes my day, I am carefull not to get to close .

A few more taken on max zoom

Time for me to go , The last thing I want to do is bother him her ?

Its time to sit and feed my face , I can see that Sammy has decided to head back to sea

Heading back down the coast heading towards Snook Point

This was where I was hoping to catch some big waves breaking on the rocks

Once again looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle

Now on Newton Haven beach.

Cutting back onto the coastle path now looking back towards Embleton Bay

Might as well go for a closer look

Strange rock

At this point I take the path back to the car.


A small walk made special by seeing Sammy .


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