DATE                                    28.04.2010

DISTANCE                           4.7 MILES

WEATHER                           FINE


 A wander to Longknowe Hill

 My walk today was one that I had mixed feelings about because I had never walked in that particular area so I didn’t know what to expect, also the route that I was going to do didn’t follow any footpaths as such so I was relying on the sheep keeping the grass reasonable low and hopefully making a few trails that would head in the general direction that I wanted to go. (It’s all open access so it’s not trespassing or anything like that).

So I was a bit excited that I was going to start to create my own routes again but a bit unsettled   if I got it wrong or it was above my ability.

The other thing was one of the Hills that I planned to reach this day was one that I had learnt to hang glide on, I really have got happy memories about that hill, and as any one who knows me will tell you it is the one sport that I loved yet had to give up since I lost my leg. (I have to be honest here I was pretty crap at landing anyway) so may be it was for the best in the long run.

Anyway I parked up just past Hethpool on the road side by the Elsdon Burn (see map).

Gear was sorted and off I went, the first bit of this walk was along the small road leading to Elsdon Farm, this gave me plenty of time to settle into Arty leg before I went into the hills.

Crossing over the burn didn’t cause any problems a water level was low, but it was something that I didn’t even think about before hand, (mick makes a mental note to look at the map when I start to plane the next walk) and good job it wasn’t in flood.

From there it was uphill to ring Chester’s (342) where there is an old hill fort or something, to be honest with you I think that there must be some old hill fort or something on all these hills, but unless you know what to look for there is nothing to see. From there I linked up with what should have been a path going through the woods at Hadden Hill, unfortunately they had been busy felling some time earlier and the path was totally destroyed which made live fun for a while, The end result was I was forced well away from where I should have left the wood and as a result I had to climb over two barbed wire fences with a stone wall between them.

This caused no end of problems, I couldn’t climb over the first fence as the wall stopped me, after much buggering about I took my ruck sack off and climbed under the first fence then over the wall and doing a brilliant commando type of roll rolled off the wall over the second fence and ended up in a snotty heap on the ground. …………………only to relies that I had left my rucksack on the other side of the fence and so I had to repeat the whole process twice more, just to make matters worse on my brilliant commando roll I successes managed to roll through a load of moist stinky sheep pooh, which not only stuck to my shirt it stunk as well and the smell stayed with me all day.

From here I made my way down to the base of Longknowe and started on the long pull up to the summit. Only later did I find a quad bike track heading up.

Lunch was had by the trig point (346 meters) which was going to be the highest point of todays walk. And I had a think about where I was planning to go in the afternoon, one thing that I had found was lots of way hill fort way markers where scattered about and decided to follow a few of these as long as they headed in roughly the right direction and so my return route took me along Mid Hill and its settlement and down via the Cultivated Terraces, not that I could see anything out of the normal, however it was very pleasant walking and I always get a great deal of pleasure walking in a new area simply because you never know what views or what just around the next corner .

Once back at the car I quickly changed out of  the pooh stained stinky shirt was put in a bag (let the washer sort that out ) and made coffee and for some strange reason felt very pleased with myself.

About 4.7 miles with 1381 ft of the ups and downs

A few photos from today

Looking back down the Elsdon burn

Good job there isn’t much water running off the hills today


Part way up to ring Chester’s looking back at Elsdon burn farm


A lot further up having a well deserved sit down and taking in the views


Getting near the summit and having a look around


There is supposed to be some old fort remains up here or something


But there isn’t really anything to see


Until you drop down a bit then it’s possible to make out one of the outa walls


My route takes me across where they have been cutting down the trees (this should be fun)


About to enter the trees

Somehow the path has gone and I am forced to find my way out of this.


 Where I left the plantation, what you can’t see is the other barbed wire fence on the other side of the wall, and the fact that there is a four foot drop on the other side.


Looking back, still its easy walking now


Looking ahead towards Longknowe, there is a fair bit of downhill to go before I start to climb up it.

Time to climb over the fence and start on the uphill bit.


Part way up looking back


The trig point and time for my lunch at 346 meters it’s the highest I will be going today


Looking across towards the Torr’s


Time to start heading down


Not sure what these are but they cover huge sections of this hill


Heading down, it’s a good job that the fern is all dead otherwise it could be a bit tricky


Back down at the bottom, I decide to follow one of the many hill fort trails now


Mum and youngster


Again looking towards the Torr’s


The views, the whole area is criss crossed with trails


My chosen route takes me in the right direction and its easy walking and the views aren’t that bad either


Looking at yet another stone ring of a long forgotten hill fort


Arty leg shot, sitting down enjoying the views


Looking back at the path I took


Still heading down


Looking back up

It was steeper than what it looked


Still heading down but along the valley now


Last bit now, you can see my car parked up at the bottom, five minutes and the coffee will be on.

About 4.7 miles with 1381 ft  of the ups and downs

A very enjoyable walk


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