DATE                                     06.04.06

DISTANCE                           7.2 MILES

WEATHER                           BRIGHT BUT COOL


Low Newton with Ian

I was talking to my friend and neighbour Ian about my latest walks up at Low Newton area, or should I say just past Low newton when he expressed an interest in going up that way for a wander himself, so after a quick look at my shift rotor a day was quickly picked that suited both of us and that was it sorted.

Gear was thrown into the car and off we went, by this time you would think that I knew the way up there like the back of my hand but all the little b roads look the same and yes I got it wrong again, however I eventually found the right road and was soon parking up at our favourite spot at Dunstan Steads gear was sorted out and off we went , what I have never mentioned before is the footpath cut straight across a golf course , there is the normal warning signs but this time there was a sign advertising that the golf club “clubhouse” was now open to the public and walker where welcome with various price lists for various things .:

We will have to call in on our way past I said, I am as you know a bit of a coffee person and we wasn’t in a rush to get anywhere, today was just a slow wander along the coastline then turn around and cut back, and it would be interesting to see if “walkers” would really be welcome in the clubhouse despite what the sign said. (you know how these golfing types can be ……….a bit up there own arses at times) as it is if you follow the coastal path it takes you right in front of the clubhouse and I know that the golfers really don’t like having to wait to take there shot whilst us walkers walk along the path blocking there shot, so it would be interesting to see what reception we got.

As it was we walked along the beach then cut inland to the clubhouse (only 200 meters away) and very quietly entered the bar area, I wasn’t sure what to expect I had heard about a holiday maker wanting to use the clubs toilets for her kids and was refused and I wasn’t sure if someone was playing a practical joke by putting up the notices, but much to our surprise we got a very warm welcome and soon found ourselves sat down drinking coffee and scoffing some sort of chocolate chip slice of cake all very nice . It seems that that the “hospitality” side of the golf course had gone threw a major shake up and was being run as a business which included grabbing anyone with money to spend who happens to be passing by. …..(no  seriously  we where very welcome and the prices where very reasonable  over the years I have often called in here and always get a warm welcome of the staff).

After coffee was drunk and cake was finished it was time to settle up and get moving again , our route was simply head back to the coast and head up north , naturally we hadn’t check the tide tables but again we where lucky and had huge sections of the beach exposed and mainly  to ourselves , we where both very good and didn’t call in at the ship inn on our way past (it was only ten minutes since we finished our coffee at the golf club) but promised that we would call in on our way back and so we followed the coastline up past low Newton around to Newton point where the old RAF radar used to be then along past the small bay at Football Hole onto Snook point then down onto the huge beach at Beadnell Bay At this point we decided to cut into the dunes and walk back to low newton via the links footpath (part of the coastal path) then after a very well deserved coffee break at the ship inn it was back down to the beach for a slow wander back . I had been walking around this area on and off now for some time and I was starting to feel quite pleased with myself, I can still remember how hard I struggled when I fist came up here and how I had to sit down and rest every half mile or so, where as now I wont say that I found it easy but I was no where near as knackered as what I was in the early days. on the down side my stump was showing signs of going through another shape  change again , I had already started packing in more stuff in the socket and figured it was time to make an appointment at the limb centre to get it realigned again ….before it started to become a problem or should I say more of a problem .

Anyhow we did about 7.2 miles all easy walking in a lovley part of the country.

A few photos

Looking towards where the Embleton burn runs across the beach into the North Sea


Looking towards low Newton and the wildfowl reserve

Looking towards one of the “beach huts” this one looks more like a public toilet

Taken from one of the bird hides looking at what I think is a couple of gooses

Closer (Canadian Geese?)


Looking up at the Ship Inn (we would call in on our way back)


Heading towards Newton Point, looking at the beach at Newton Haven


Our route heading towards the old RAF radar station.


A bit further along the coastline looking back


Another rocky section


Looking towards the small sandy beach at “Football Hole”


Looking towards a very distant Beadnell


A few photos that Ian took

Me looking very good

The ship inn (return trip)


The beach at football Hole


Me having a well deserved sit down


Heading back towards Dunstan Steads where the car is


And finally one of my photos at the same place


Day after thoughts , none really I started to develop a sore spot on my bum cheek due to the socket fit or should that be the socket not fitting correctly , time to make an appointment , the knee was put on a higher setting but this time I managed it without getting knackered so things are still improving …thanks .