DATE                                    18.03.06

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 5.8 MILES

WEATHER                           COLD AND WINDY



Low newton by the sea

For Todays wander both me and Yvonne would be heading up the coast line to Newton by the sea, it’s an area that we had been before but only this time we would be doing a different bit of the coastline, this was the beginnings of a love affair with this area for me, it must be one of the most beautiful bits of the coastline. In the summer it can get very busy with holidaymakers and day trippers and of course a few hardy walkers that are doing the coastal way , but in the cooler or winter months it possible to have miles and miles of the coastline to yourself . and of course the more time you spend on the beach the more chances are that you will bump into a seal resting up, or find some strange object that has been washed up, I am certain that if I spend enough time walking on the beach sooner or later I will find old forgotten pirate treasure washed up or some other object of some great worth so I can pack in work and spend the rest of my time wandering around the country side. (Note from ten years later on …..Still working and still looking).

Any how for todays wander we would be sort of making it up as we went along, I needed to practise my “posh walk” a bit , and I really wanted to explore this bit of coastline a bit more so that was it gear was sorted ….naturally I would be carrying the rucksack so I didn’t pack it to heavy and thrown into the car and off we went , we had been snowed on a few days  before which had promptly frozen during the night  then mostly melted during the day but according to the local news  in the hills and further inland there was still a covering of the white stuff , we both hoped that the coastline would be free from the snow and ice , but wouldn’t know till we got there . however we knew that there was a bitterly cold wind blowing straight off the sea so I threw a extra couple warm tops in the car just in case.

We parked up in what I call Dunstan steads  , its really just a dead end with roadside parking and can be a bit tricky to find for the first time , but it’s a good place to start any walk from and its free .

Of course parking here gives you the choice to head straight to the beach and turn left (down the coastline) towards the ruined castle or turn north and head up the coastline , today we would be heading up the coastline before cutting inland and heading back towards the car.

Any how our route for the day was to walk along the coastal path along the Dunstanburgh Castle golf course , then cut down to The Skaith  along Embleton links past the beach huts , from there we would pass the Newton pool nature Reserve , then cut down onto the beach and walk to Newton by the sea , from there we would cut straight across Newton point , and if all went well (which it did ) we would have a small walk along  Beadnell Bay before we turn off and head up the footpath towards Newton links house noting that there is a small car park there , at this point it meant a bit of road walking……but that didn’t matter it’s a really small road and at this time of year its hardly used plus it’s a dead end any way , sticking to the road we entered High Newton by the sea  , then the fun started , we where looking for a footpath that would take us towards a place known as Kirk Dike , after asking a few locals who had never heard of the place we tried the next land mark which was  kelsoe Hill , fortunately we found the path heading up that way and off we went , very easy walking , however the footpath just simply disappeared once we got there , at this point we decided to make our own way back down to the coastline and after five minutes linked up with the footpath again , strange ! We did about 5.8 miles all easy walking despite the cold wind.

As normal a few photos:-

Cutting down to the beach at The Skaith Yvonne well wrapped up with the castle in the background

Me, same place with Embleton bay in the back ground (what a lovley bay)

A couple more photos


Now heading past the beach huts


Looking towards the ponds with Low Newton in the back ground


Looking at the wildfowl pond (there are bird hides here very useful for stopping and having a drink etc.)


Me heading onto the beach at Newton Haven


Looking towards a distant Newton point


Me practising my posh walking as we head towards low Newton

The rocky section at Football point

Horses at Beadnell bay


Looking up towards what we hoped was Kelso Hill (still a few icy patches of snow up here)

Looking down towards Low newton

I’m pleased that we didn’t go in his field

Heading back towards the coastline


A few photos as we get back to where the Embleton Burn runs out to the sea


Day after thoughts , we where both very impressed with this little walk , I managed to do some seriously posh walking along the  beach and after getting a glimpse of Beadnell Bay it looks like we will be returning up this way sometime . As for arty leg, I didn’t have any problems with him today but on a couple of occasions the material in my trousers got caught in the moving parts of the leg when the wind was blowing strongly …………something I will have to watch out for .