DATE                                   03.03.2010

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 6.5 MILES

WEATHER                           COLD BUT DRY


A wander around low newton.

I have done this walk countless times before , sometime adding bits on sometimes cutting bits off , it hold a particular spot in my heart , it was here that I finally started to realise that I could enjoy walking again , yes not as fast or anything as rigorous as what I did before my amputation but I could actually start to enjoy it again and after all what’s the point of walking if you cant enjoy it , I can still remember my first attempt at walking this stretch of coastline , I found it hard , every step taking full concentration , stumbling , sweating ….well like a fat sweaty pig who very hot. And being incredibly sore but as time went on things did improve and so when ever I return to his area its always a good place to stop and think ………………its not that bad is it.?

However this stretch of coastline is a fantastic place to walk , perhaps a bit to busy in the summer months for my liking but in the winter or cooler months I can have the whole place to myself and as a rule I try to get up this way a couple of time in the cooler months .

Whenever the weather has been really bad , i.e. raining for weeks on end and my Cheviots would be awash and boggy this is one place that never changes , yes it might be cold and dull but its never boggy the sandy soil makes sure of that , and dare I say it when its cold , grey and overcast the sea and ruined castle seem to make the walk seem somehow different , of course the sea with its never ending shifting moods can alter the whole feel of the walk but somehow the dark brooding castle adds its presents to the whole feel of the walk ………………….yes I love this area.

And of course I forgot to mention the small but friendly ship inn at Low Newton with its own micro brewery and tasty food that provides warmth and shelter on this cold day or a lovley green to sit on outside overlooking the bay on those hot summer days, no wonder it’s so popular in the warmer months.

Todays walk was something that I was looking forward to, but saying that I am always looking forward to whatever walk I was doing, the weather had been lousy for the past week, dull grey and wet, well last night it turned icy so every thing would be frozen solid, not a problem on the coast or should I say where I was planning.

After an uneventful drive up from home I parked the car at Dunstan Steads, I was pleased to see that I was the only car there, great perhaps I will have the whole beach to myself (am I that unsociable?)

Gear was sorted, coffee made and drunk and off I went, pausing to look towards the old ruin at Dunstanburgh, if walls could talk I bet that would have a few stories to tell.

My route took me along the edge of the golf course then cut down to the coastal path at the golf club house, now this club house is slightly different from most club houses as it actually wants passing custom and does its best to temp you to pay a visit with tempting menus on display outside stating that walkers are welcome and I can speak from experience that it does a great cup of coffee and tasty cake and you are indeed welcome.

From there I followed the very well used path past Embleton links, stopping briefly to have a looksee at any wild birds that might be hanging around the pond in the nature reserve .then it was past Low Newton (missing out the pub) across the top of Newton point finally leaving the coastal path to cut down to the beach at snook point, there are several footpaths dotted around this area all leading down to the beach at one point or another. From this point my return trip was hogging the coastline or walking along the beach where possible, only doing a small detour to call in the ship Inn (well it would be rude not to) then it was back down onto the beach for the walk back to the links .

About 6.5  miles with very little ups and downs.

As normal a few photos

Part way along the course looking back towards the ruin at Dunstanburgh.

At the golf course heading towards the coastal path.

Where a small beck (skaith) runs into the sea, it changes shape and course on a regular basis all depending on tides and currents.


Same place just looking back along the coastline.


Heading up along the coastal path towards the Embleton links.


On top of the dunes looking down the beach, not a single person can be seen.


Looking in a slightly different direction.


The path weaves its way past some beach huts; I think that some of these are now holiday lets.

Part of the nature reserve.


A view from the bird watching hut, the pond is frozen solid and the few ducks seemed to be a bit put out with the lack of water.


Just passed Low newton looking back.


Yet another frozen pond, no sign of any wildlife here today.


Leaving the coastal path and heading towards the beach.


Two people down on the beach, they are the only people I have seen today.


Looking along the beach and my return route.


A couple of photos of the coastline.

A small Heron mooching around for dinner.


A couple more shots of the coastline.


Looking back at the ship inn where I called in for coffee (it would be rude not to)


Now down on the beach, the tide is right out.


Looking back towards Low Newton.


Looking towards a distant castle.


Looking out at emblestone (rocks) I have never seen the tide this low that you can walk across to them.


Again looking towards the castle.


Footprints on the beach, I suppose that there had to be others out today.


Looking at the beach huts, some of these are very upmarket and a far cry from simple wooden huts.

A few more photos as I walk back along the beach.



Looking at the cliffs at Castle point.


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