DATE                               15.09.11

DISTANCE                      JUST UNDER 6 MILES

WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Not really sure if this should be classed as a walk as such , more of an afternoon stroll down to the river to look at the falls at Linton .

We had been staying at the small camp site at Wood Nook and naturally the weather had turned lousy, strong gale force winds, raining cats and dogs, yep your normal summer weather, I have often wondered if it would be worth while offering our services out as a rain maker because whenever we get the van out the weather always seems to change for the worse.

 However being hardy campers we don’t really care (as long as it rains during the night and not when we are out walking during the day) whilst I am on about rain, I will admit to really liking it when it rains during the night when I am tucked up in bed, it always sounds really loud and has a “soothing effect “on me.

I also love it when some camper is “setting up “their tent or packing up. When the heavens open up

Does this make me a bad person?

Anyway getting back to the afternoon stroll, we set off from the camp site followed a couple of well marked footpaths across the bridge over the river Wharfe then along the extremely well used path along the river , stopping to look at a couple of man made weirs and finally to the Linton Falls , very impressive , however what we fail to take into account was due to the amount of rain that had fallen over the last few days was the stepping stones over the river (and our return path)  where under water , not a problem as we passed a foot bridge on our way down (at Linton Falls) so it was a case of retrace our steps and cross over the bridge to the other side , from there we had a mooch around this side of the river and made our way back to the campsite. A lovely afternoon spent taking photos drinking coffee and generally taking it easy, about 5 .5 miles in nice sunny weather.

As normal a few photos enjoy:-

One of the man made weirs on the river Wharfe.

Looking back along the river.

Looking across towards some old building.

A few of the locals fly in to see us.

A few photos as we make our way down stream towards the stepping stones.

The stepping stones across the river. (Won’t be going across there today).

View across the river.

Local church.

Now at Linton falls, I think that this used to be an old mill or something.

A couple of photos looking upstream.

On the bridge above Linton falls.

And again.


Linton falls.

A nice way to spend the afternoon.