DATE                                05.04.07

DISTANCE                       ABOUT 3.7 MILES

WEATHER                       BRIGHT AND SUNNY



For today’s wander I would be heading off up into Ingram Valley to visit Linhope spout, I didn’t plan to do any great distance or anything, no today was more to do something with the state of my mind , I suppose that I had better explain a bit , in my earlier life I would park the car up at Hartside throw my rucksack on and off I would go , normally I wouldn’t even think about stopping until I got to the spout , where I would quickly remove my coat , repack  my rucksack and off I would go again disappearing into the distant fells , whereas now just to get to the spout was my target and so in many ways it was a sign of my failure , I mean in my past life I wouldn’t even break into a sweat getting here , it wasn’t even a stopping off point just a place I would come and look at as I was passing whereas now it was a big thing just getting there . So today I wanted to try to turn this feeling of being a failure into something good not really sure if this would work, but I had to try to do something I suppose it’s trying to bury the past and accept my new limits and try to stop comparing myself to how I was, I know that really doesn’t make sense but I know what I mean and that’s what is important.

The walk itself was simple, drive up Ingram Valley, park up by the farm at Hartside and follow the well-used and sign posted route to the small waterfall at Lindhope, I have been here several times since I lost my leg and each time came away with this disappointed feeling, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my previous walks but couldn’t help to come away with that “IF ONLY” feeling s.

So today I hoped to put that to bed and come back feeling both physically and mentally refreshed.

Somewhere along the line the weather gods must have heard and taken pity on me because on the drive up there the sky cleared and the sun came out and I was treated to what promised to be a lovey day. Driving up Ingram valley itself I sensed a feeling of welcome from the hills themselves and somehow I knew that today I would bury this feeling of being a failure and come away feeling better about myself.

Any way I parked up as planned near Hartside farm, gear was sorted and off I went, today I would be on my own a billy no mates and somehow this seemed right, the weather was spot on, the hills seemed to have that extra vibrancy, I suppose it could have been that time of the year where everything is waiting to burst into life or it could have been me .just feeling different about everything  , and you know I did feel good about things , nice day I was out doing stuff that I loved so why not , my route took me down to the small hamlet of Lindhope over the burn then out into the fells where I slowly made my way towards Lindhope spout , I took my time today I didn’t feel the need to rush , just a slow wander taking in all the sights and smells as I went , due to my late start I had lunch by the waterfall and even managed to feed a couple of birds that came up begging bread crumbs , it never fails to amaze me how friendly these birds can be when treated to a bit of respect and kindness the only problem is during the summer months this area gets packed with visitors and some of them really don’t appreciate these small birds and it’s not unheard of that some kid’s take great delight at trying to catch these birds or throw things at them “just because they can”.

After lunch I spent a while just sitting there watching the birds and the water fall then after a few photos it was time to go, my route back was a simple retrace my steps but on arriving back at the car I felt that I needed to spend a bit more time in this valley, so I decided to drive back along the valley some way then simply get out and have a small wander along the river Breamish just to take in the sights and smells and generally just chill out a bit more , why I don’t really know it just seemed right and it’s not like I had anything better to do , walking along the river looking up the hills and fells it felt right and seemed to put the icing on the cake (if that makes sense) then finally I wandered back to the car feeling so much better than I had for a long time , today I didn’t walk very far about 3.7 miles but I felt really good about everything .

As normal a few photo’s enjoy

Taken just past the farm at Hartside, looking at the sheep in the pens


Looking up towards Cunyan Crags


A bit further along

Looking towards Lindhope


Looking up towards long Crags (I think)


Heading towards Lindhope


Taken on the bridge at Lindhope


On the farm track heading towards the spout now


Looking towards Hedgehope hill


Looking towards the back of Ritto Hill


Now looking down towards the small waterfall or spout


Looking along the track towards Great Standrop


Heading down


Lovely isn’t it


Nearly there


The burn above the spout


Lindhope spout


One of the locals (bull finch?)


A few more photos


One showing Arty leg


A couple more before I set off back


Time to head back along a nice grassy path


Looking back

A few more as I make my way back to the car


And finally a few more when I had a wander along the river

Day after thoughts

Home, no aches or pains but then I didn’t really expect any as I really did take my time today , after I checked my stump I was pleased to see that there was no red or sore spots . I think the real winner today was something that had been going on in my head, I banished the bad feeling that I had been developing about myself and hopeful replaced it with something positive or at least I feel that way at the moment so all in all a good day .