DATE                                  27.11.06

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 3.7 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT BUT WINDY



Lunch at the Ship Inn

After our delightful walk up at Budle bay the day before, it seemed a shame not to make the most of the weather and our day off to get out again, but first we both had a few jobs that had to be done before we could even think about getting out, so it was full steam ahead rushing around to get them done, mine of course didn’t take long so I used the rest of the time getting the gear ready .not that there was much to get ready , most of our gear was already packed in my rucksack and our cunning plan was to call in the “Ship Inn” at low newton for both coffee and food so we didn’t need to get any food ready , we would take a small bottle of water with us in the rucksack just in case but the whole idea was that we would both have a chill out wander along a lovley bit of coastline , food and drink thrown in via the pub.

Yvonne didn’t take long to finish her job’s and before we knew it we was off  driving up the A1 heading for Dunstan steads , parking was by the roadside , gear was sorted boots put on and off we went , Like the day before today’s wander this was going to be a nice easy wander and I was planning on not using my hiking poles just to see how I got on , I am  trying (not very successfully) to build up my core strength and by not using any poles and by getting yelled at by  Yvonne each time I started to lean or stick my left arm out I was hoping that today could be a good learning day . So that was the plan. Our route took us straight from the car down pass the dunes and onto the beach at Embleton Bay, naturally we hadn’t checked the tide tables for the day, but we both know that even on high tide there is a stretch of sand to walk along and of course there is always the coastal path to drop back on again should the occasion arise but as luck would have it the tide was quite a way out so we had lots of beach to walk along , just for a change we decided to cut inland just before the Golf club house rather than try to walk across where the Burn runs across the beach and linked up with the coastal path at the Skaith following the path we walked along Embleton links past the holiday ? Beach huts then past the wildfowl pond nature reserves into the small village of Low Newton by the sea where we just had to stop and call in the Ship Inn for lunch, at this point my better half informed me that I would be driving home and went to the bar and got me a coffee and herself a huge glass of wine, for lunch I ordered the soup of the day and a fresh stotty bap my better half had the crab salad , as normal the meal was very tasty and all that could be heard for the next five minutes or so was ……nom nom .

After lunch it was straight down onto the beach for the walk back, the wind had picked up a bit and was blowing any lose dry sand about making “wave” effects on the beach which could have made for some fun photos if only I knew how to use the camera properly rather than just point and press (one day I will do an evening course so I know what to do with all the settings) but until then we will have to make do with these:-

Taken from where we parked up looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle


My better half getting ready


Me waiting for Yvonne as we head off down onto the beach


Looking down the beach (the tides a fair way out …more luck than planning)


On the beach looking towards the beach huts


The waves aren’t as big as what we hoped but I still find it very relaxing watching them


A bit further along the beach


Now heading inland for the coastal path, the golf club house


Our path runs alongside the gold course for a while you can clearly see the path


But first we are going to have a sit down by the Embleton burn


The burn running out to sea


Looking towards a distant Dunstanburgh Castle


Same again, I love this view

Heading up the bank


Made it to the top without any mishaps


Last minute wobble


The coastal path and the views it offers


Me with Low newton by the sea in the background


Me again in-between the beach huts


I call them beach hut but they are more like holiday homes really




Having a sit down just outside Low Newton


And one of my better half


Yvonne at the bar of the Ship Inn


Back on the beach at Newton Haven


The sun doing its best to shine


With the tide being out there are a few reefs uncovered (Emblestone Carr)


Yvonne having a pose (she had drunk a fair amount of wine in the pub


The wind is starting to pick up a bit now


As we make our way back the wind get stronger and set the sand away


Looking across the bay towards the castle


Looking back towards Newton Point


Another view of the beach Huts


Sea is starting to pick up a bit


A bit further along


Last look at the castle before we head back to the car


Day after thoughts:

Yes I did drive home and Yvonne dropped off to sleep (snoring). I didn’t have any problems with my stump but we only walked about 3.7 miles so I didn’t really expect any, Yvonne had the camera most of the morning and snapped a few photos of me, and looking at them I can see that my walking gait is still really bad despite her yelling at me every now and then, I guess seeing it really shows me how bad I am so it’s time to really try and improve things.