DATE                                  22.02.11

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 6.4 MILES

WEATHER                        COLD BUT BRIGHT




Lambden burn- nearly

Some times I really need someone to grab hold of me and give me a good slap to knock some sense into me, today was one of those days, having been at work all weekend I was just dying to get out into the hills, The weather looked ok the night before, may be a bit of snow on the higher hills they said ha! Nothing to worry about.

For some strange reason I decided to have a day exploring a region that I haven’t been in before, however to get there I would have to cross a section of land that I knew would be nothing but a load of overgrown heather/ gauze blocked footpaths and that the hole area where I was walking was nothing more than a load of old wet peat   bogs, I also knew that the ground up there wouldn’t be frozen solid any more, like I said I need someone to knock a bit of sense into me sometimes. I should have waited till the summer (yes we do get them up this way normally on a Tuesday).

Anyway parked up next to the Harthope burn at Langleeford , there is plenty of off road parking here and is quite busy in the summer months with the family day out types , however their wasn’t any one here today .

 the sky was blue and the sun was out it looked as if the weather was doing its best for me , I could peer further up the valley and see that there was a covering of snow on the Cheviot and on Hedgehope on the other side , wonderful.

Set off up a small trail which followed the Hawsen Burn  till I joined the footpath to  Goldscleugh , here I made one of many mistakes , I stuck to the footpath even though it was overgrown and made my walking extremely difficult . It wasn’t till I was starting to gain a bit of height on Broadhope hill that I “found” that there was a perfectly good quad bike trail which run parallel to the footpath I was struggling along .(still will remember this next time I am up this way )

Eventually the quad bike track went on way and I headed off in a different direction , by this time I was entering the snow line , this snow covered and hid  all the tripping hazards and worse still all the bogs , it wasn’t till I put weight on my foot ….. it just went through the snow and ice straight into a wet bog, I found this extremely difficult to overcome and found that already I was breathing a lot harder than I should be; the constant pulling my arty leg out of the bogs was also starting to cause me a bit of concern, the last thing I wanted to do is tear the skin open again, but their wasn’t anything that I could do. Just plod on taking my time, I had already decided that the walk that I was going to do would be cut a lot shorter. THE WORSE THING WAS I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN IN THIS AREA.

Anyway I struggled on heading down (and out of the snow) towards Goldscleugh where I finally joined a cart   track; my plan was to cross over the Lambden burn and walk on the other side of the valley towards Goldscleugh however the ford was just to deep for me to paddle across, so it was a case of retracing my steps,

Over a cup of coffee and a look at the map I decided it was time to call it a day and head back , it had taken me far to long just to get to this point , and there was no way I was going back over Broadhope hill again . And I needed to get on some ground that I knew; otherwise it would be dark before I got back. I decided to find the foot path that run between Preston Hill and Broadhope hill, the only problem is it started in the middle of a forest that had been harvested and took all traces of any footpath out with it. However I decided that was my way back, fortunately as I gained a bit of height I saw a fence with a stile (how good is my navigating) so I knew I was on the right route, then with my luck still holding I discovered that they had renewed the fence line which ran in the general direction that I was heading and they had cut a pathway in  the heather so it was walk able for me from this point onwards it was a stroll across the Great moor to Broadstruther  once there I considered myself back on what I call home turf and I followed a well used footpath back to Langleeford.

I have to admit I was disappointed that I didn’t get to explore the Lambden burn valley as I planned but I knew what the terrain would be like up, I think that even an able boded person would have struggled a bit as well, still it will be there in the summer when the bogs dry out and I will have another attempt.

First photo looking along towards a snow covered Hedgehope.


Heading up the Hawsden burn.


Starting to get some height and views looking back across towards Langlee crags.


Still following an almost non existent footpath.


Starting to get in the snow.


Looking back towards Coldlaw, it was at this point I saw the quad bike trail .


On the quad bike trail looking towards a distant Cheviot.


Looking across the valley to a cloud covered Hedgehope .


Again but on max zoom.


Me and the quad bike part, a view of the way forward, this terrain is hard work for me, but just look at the views.


This section is extremely slow going what you can’t see is the fact under the snow / ice covering is a nice deep wet bog.


At last starting to head down towards the Lambden burn valley.


Looking across at the Scald hill, mid hill & the Cheviot.


Finally getting out of the snow and bogs.


 A couple of photos of the area.


And another.


 This is where I decided to find the footpath that run between Preston & Broadhope hills, their use to be a forest here; they took all traces of the footpath out when they harvested the trees.


Now on the path across the great moor heading towards Broadstruthers.


First sighting of Broadstruthers .


Closer, when I first started walking in this area this building was a ruin.


Still a while to go before I get back to the car, general view.


The way ahead (nice path to walk on).


First glimpse of Hedgehope.

Starting to head down (Langlee crags on the other side).


Still heading down.


Looking across the other side.


Getting closer.


Crossing the New burn and from here I join the road back to the car.


Their isn’t anything I can say about this walk , I found it extremely difficult to try to walk in certain areas , I certainly wouldn’t do it again at this time of year , and as an amputee I wouldn’t recommended it to any other amputees .