DATE                          03.02.16





Woof I barked ………… “What’s up  Bob said Mick”  Time for a talk I said “ok Bob talk away”…. look Mick I know that your still not 100% on your leg but I think that’s it’s time for you to take your camera out on our next walk and get a few photos and I’d do a trip report, “ok” said Mick  ……Great I go tell Flynn and Munchy .in fact we can go now if you like , all I got was a none committal nod off Mick and so off I ran firstly upstairs to wake Flynn up …………Flynn likes  to have a morning nap , normally on the big bed where the sun shines thru the window getting him really hot he normally has one or more tasty treat tucked up close , I figured if I woke Flynn up I could get in and grab a treat before he realises what I’m up to and if I make enough noise he will jump down and rush downstairs without realising that he has even lost his treat and that way I won’t have to put up with his nagging on , not that he nags of course ! but he does let me know that he’s not best pleased , so it was a high speed run up the stairs and with one mighty bound I leaped onto the bed and shouted at Flynn that we was off out on a mega walk and he had better get his arse in gear or we would go without him ……………….it worked a treat Flynn was up and racing downstairs before he even realised that I was mooching around looking for his secret stash of goodies , I found a half-eaten treat that I quickly woofed down then went racing after him , mentally thinking of where he has hidden his other treats , I know that he has several hidden but for the life of me I can’t think of where , I made a mental note to keep an eye on him , Munchy was already running around the settee barking at us both to hurry up and so for the next ten seconds or so we all raced around the settee all trying to get into the lead position  , then we got the call that we were all waiting for off Mick and went running out of the house and straight into the car.

Once we got into the car we settled down straight away, I know that Mick won’t even start to drive until we have all snuggled down .then we were off.

Woof! “What Bob” said mick …? Where are we going and did you pack treats? Mick of course replied that yes he had packed treats and had he ever forgotten to bring some? then went on to tell us that we would be going to Druridge Bay country park, a place that we hadn’t been to before, we have been regular visitors to the coastline and wild fowl parks and walks along the coastline but today we would be having a wander around the Ladyburn Lake which meant that we would be passing the visitors centre so we had to be on our best behaviour.

We all settled down and talked amongst ourselves, wow said Munchy this sounds like fun, I bet that there are lots of other dogs to meet, I just hope that they are friendly said Flynn (he’s still a bit of a girly dog at times) I hope that there are lots of seagulls to chase I said, I love to chase seagulls …..Anyway it’s a new area so there bound to be lots of new sights and smells.

It didn’t take long before mick stopped the car and let us out, mick had parked up in a small car park right by the lake and so with a loud “charge” we all jumped out and went racing along the grass path along the lake, Mick of course was busy trying to read us the riot act but as normal we just ran back to him, jumped up at him and told him that we would be good before racing off again.

Our path took us around the lake, there was lots of new things to see and sniff, we met up with a few other dogs and had a run and play with them all, I found lots of sea gulls to chase which was great fun, Mick told us to sit and wait outside the visitors centre whilst he popped in and got a coffee for himself …err no problem I said but don’t forget to get us some tasty food, mick quickly returned with his coffee and a tasty sarnie which he promptly shared with us , we all had a sit down by one of the picnic tables and mick produced some tasty dog treats from the ruck sack ..yum meaty treats my favourite , there was a few people walking around they all made a fuss of us which was nice , then it was time to pack up and carry on , I assumed my normal role of scouting ahead just to make sure the route was ok for mick to walk on whilst Munchy and Flynn stayed close to Mick “just in case” after a while Mick let us know that he was fine and to go play , well we didn’t need to be told twice and off we went , there was so much to see , we raced around , chased sea gulls played hide and seek and made new friends with other dogs that we met , we went paddling in the lake (and had a cool drink from it) then before we knew it we was pack at the car, “how do you all feel about having a walk along the beach ?” asked Mick……….. Great!!!! lead on I woofed back and so off we went running along the beach, the tide was well out and there was hardly anyone on it so we raced about and had a few play fights, Mick lead us down to the sea and told us to run around in the shallows so we would wash all the mud off ourselves so we would be nice and clean , which we did then it was time to race around and dry off before we headed back into the dunes for the walk back , we was hoping that we would meet up with a few rabbits to play with but sadly we didn’t meet any , we had one last stop where we got the last of the tasty meaty treats then it was back in the car and home just in time for tea , mick walked about 3.5 miles we of course did loads more .

A few photos …enjoy

Munchy…… “Did you say walk time?”


The view from were Mick parked the car

Look big swans!

Looking along towards the visitors centre


Moorhen, Mick said that we couldn’t chase it.

Flynn and munchy sniffing around whilst I’m off chasing a sea gull


OOPS! Big angry swan head my way


Me running away from the swan


Flynn looking and thinking should he run or hide


Munchy getting ready to take the swan on


No let’s go to the centre so mick can get coffee


After coffee and treats we are off again, bob leading the way


A few photos as we make our way around




Munchy and Flynn waiting at a possible crossing point, as Mick was a bit wobbly on his arty leg we went and found a bridge

The bridge, Flynn is checking it out

Photo taken from the bridge


Now on the other side of the crossing point


Flynn giving Mick a clue as to where to go


Look at all those Sea gulls to chase


A rather posh looking seat


Now heading down to the beach


The beach, there are a few people out today


“Let’s race”


Heading down the beach

Looking back up

Close up of me and Flynn


All three of us waiting for mick to catch up


Time to get off the beach, heading into the dunes looking back


Looking ahead


We decide to follow this path …there might be some rabbits to play with


Mick playing with his camera trying to get an “arty photo”


Big cow …..Tasty we like beef


Bigger cow’s good job there is a fence between us


Treat time, Flynn getting a tasty bite


Now Munchy turn


And Yours truly


Me scouting ahead to check the way is clear


Munchy waiting for Flynn to catch up


Flynn just sitting enjoying the late evening sun


Time to go

Thanks for reading