DATE                                     11.04.06

DISTANCE                            6.2 MILES

WEATHER                            BRIGHT AND SUNNY BUT COOL



Kidland with Ian

Once again I was having a few teething problems with the socket fit , I had been having some volume changes with my stump which resulted in me going to my limb centre and having the socket padded out with a leather lining , it seemed great at first but after a couple of days things seemed to be changing again and now  I was having problems sitting in the socket again , it seemed that it was too tight , to overcome this I was using a lubricant which in theory made it easer for my stump and liner to slid into the socket , it did work to a certain extent and I didn’t want to rip the leather out just in case this was a temporary thing , so it was a case of just live with it for a day or so rather than take drastic  action . I had made arrangements with my friend Ian to have a small wander along the river Alwin into Kidland forest, two main reasons really one I wanted to see if there was a footpath at a certain place in the forest for a walk that I had been thinking about or had it simply been overgrown and disappeared, two I just wanted to get out and have a wander and this valley which is something special for me and lastly (err! That’s three) something about this forest was bugging my brain , something that would be floating around in my dreams then disappear just as I woke up leaving me feeling as if there is something important up there and I had to go there to do something ? Find something? I really didn’t know , I had been getting this feeling now for sometime and it seemed to be getting stronger , so all I had to do is go someplace in a forest and ???? I only knew that it was Kidland forest because I remembered a few landmarks in my dream / subconscious that leads me in his general direction, of course this forest is huge and in my present condition I am only physically able to walk very small sections at a time so it looked like whatever it is going to take years (note from today ten years later it did!) but I was hoping that something might trigger something when I went into a different bit today. I know what you readers are thinking that I have lost the plot well I will let you into a little secret and agree I really do think that I have lost the plot over this but I can’t help myself there is something driving me to find  or …………whatever it is I’m supposed to do . so that was the plan , I had told Ian about the socket fitting problems that I was experiencing  and warned him that this could be the quickest / shortest walk we had ever done  but he wasn’t bothered so it was a case of throw the gear into the car and off we went .

Parking was off road along side the “red road” near Clennell Hall, boots, coats etc. where sorted and off we went, I have walked along this valley more time than I care to remember, plus in my early days I came up here just to practise walking and have formed a sort of relationship with the surrounding hills (if that makes sense) I always get a “restful don’t worry about anything we will look after you” type of feeling whenever I am here and believe it or not I do start to relax and every thing  just seems that little bit better , you know the grass is greener , the river is merrily bubbling and swooshing  away with its crystal clear water , the birds songs sound so much merrier even the sheep seem happier ………yep there is something going on with my head but I really couldn’t care less , I am here and I enjoying myself in the fresh air in the remote countryside what could be better ( a socket that fit !) .

This was the first time that Ian had been along the valley and I took great delight in naming the hills and showing him the footpaths and sheep trails that I had decided that I would start exploring when I got a little bit fitter and stronger, he seem generally relived when he realised that we wouldn’t be going up any of them today and slowly we approached the entrance to Kidland forest , I was hoping that as I entered the forest that something might trigger something in my head but whatever it was nothing happened , this didn’t concern me as I didn’t really expect anything to jump out straight away , but as the day went on and we went deeper into the forest I might see something that might trigger a flashback or what ever this thing  is .

Our route was a simple walk along the red road following the river Alwin then somewhere in the forest the river would become the Yoke burn (or should that be the other way around) and at a certain point on my map I wanted to check out a footpath, I believed that it would be overgrown and long since forgotten about but I wanted to see first hand anyway.

Sadly as the day progressed my socket became more and more uncomfortable, I stopped and took it off and tried many “tricks” to make the fit better but nothing seemed to work, fortunately I was more or less at the point I wanted to check on the map and it was as I suspected the footpath had long since been forgotten and had simply disappeared as if it had never existed, there was a forestry track that headed off in roughly the same direction so I should think that most walkers would use that instead . After a mooch around it was time to turn around and head back. Which turned out to be a really good choice because the socket was really starting to cause me some grief, and at one point I had to stop every two hundred meters sit down take the leg off?  , my stump was starting to get one of those dreaded “hot spots” and it was only a matter of time before the skin broke …….then I would be in for some serious grief, then right out of the blue I had a brainwave, I simply sat down by the river took my arty leg off followed by my seal and simply pored cold water straight from the river over it ….it might cool down a bit and my stump might shrink down a bit , looking at my stump (sounds rude ) it certainly was hot sweaty and puffy so what harm could I do ?.

Ian of course took it all in his stride filling the water bottles up one after another from the river and passing them to me then watch as I simply pored the cold water over my stump. Only to fill them back up again. If anyone was passing I don’t know what they would have thought but to be honest I was way past caring, the freezing cold water had an almost magical effect on my stump within minutes it was cool and back to normal, a quick dry using the micro towel that I always had in my ruck sack and a dollop of cream and things where back to normal, I replaced the seal and arty leg and it felt great, but we where still a mile or so away from the car and I really didn’t want to have to stop and repeat this process , however as I stood up and “sunk” into the socket the fit seemed much better more like it normally be , and so after the first few steps things and stuff seemed fine and we made it back to the car without any more problems .

We did about  6.2 miles all easy walking on forestry tracks or short grassy paths and as normal a couple of photos enjoy

Me at the start of the walk


Walking along the grassy track before we enter Kidland forest


The small Rookland sike flowing into the river Alwin


Right at the entrance of Kidland looking back down the valley



A break in the trees looking back at Kitty Crags

Sit-down and coffee break


Looking along the forestry track towards Inner hill (there are quite a few inner hills dotted around here


Looking up at a rocky bit


On our way back now


Another break in the trees looking towards the Dodd


A few more photos as we make our way back


Day after thoughts , first things first I didn’t get any more memory flashback thingy’s any time today which was a bit disappointing ( but this thing I was having went on for years and years before I finally put it too rest)

As for the problems I had with the socket fit, again it wasn’t the first time and I know it wont be the last time, but at least I know if I pore enough freezing cold water on my stump it will freeze and shrink a bit so I suppose that’s a bit of good news but I think that when I am having a bad leg fitting day I should avoid the hills fortunately I don’t have that many bad fit days.

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