DATE                               01.02.12

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 9 1/4 MILES

WEATHER                     ICY COLD


For todayís walk I was joined by Cheviot Stroller, she had mentioned that this walk was in one of her favorite areas and there still isnít enough daylight for us to venture further afield so why not.

What we didnít know was how cold the weather would turn, normally the weather doesnít really bother me, but towards the end of the walk even I had to take my coat out of the rucksack and put it on, little did we know at the time but the Cheviots where in for some seriously cold weather starting that very day dropping down to below -9 during the night.

My one concern about this walk was the fact that the path crossed over the White burn at more than one place , I think that there are about 6 crossing in all (canít say I remember for sure), now in the dryer /warmer months thatís not a problem , however in February the water level might make things interesting and the last thing I wanted to do is both of us get soaking wet feet , I neednít have worried as the water levels was extremely low ,( not sure why ,) and we had more problems with slipping on the fords rather than getting wet feet , naturally I was waiting with camera waiting for Cheviot Stroller to take a tumble at the ford , but it didnít happen .

In fact the icy paths and tracks seemed to be our only concern today other than running out of daylight.

I have to say that the highlight of this walk was bumping into Mike Knipe and Dawn who were doing a bit of back packing, read his blog about it

Any way thatís enough of that as normal I have thrown in a route map so you can see the route and a few photos enjoy:-

 First one looking along the red road our route

The river Alwin ,low for the time of year

Now entering the forest , they have been busy cutting down the trees and it opens up the views somewhat

Looking towards Inner hill , one thing we both notice is the state of the forest track , its pure ice , the wagons must have compressed it , we spent most of the time walking on the rough ground alongside the track

Looking back

One of the many small burns that run into the river Alwin

Just about to start the clime up to Whiteburnshank , again they have been harvesting around this area .

Looking back down towards Whiteburnshank

Still heading up , looking back , the last time I was here the far bank was covered with trees

Now on Clennell Street just looking back , the views are starting to open up a bit and the sky is bighting up as well

A couple of views left and right

Blue sky and animals tracks

Our route

A few more photos as we walk along

Looking across towards Kidlandlee

Last look as we start back down

Looking back down at the red road where we started earler today

Last one , as the sun starts to set we are more or less back at the car , what we both notice is how cold it has got .

yet another good days walking .



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