We all woke up at the same time this morning, mainly because we had snuck up onto the big bed during the night and had snuggled down between Yvonne and Mick, Mick was moaning about us hogging the bed or something but we knew that he didn’t mean it, of course it didn’t help our case when Bob started licking micks face telling him to get up and get some breakfast on. I tried the same approach with Yvonne, she is much easer to manipulate around and after some barking from me we got fed.

Come on Yvonne get up and feed us .

 I think it was more of a case of “let’s feed munchy before he wakes the whole site up” but looking at the clock both Mick and Yvonne seemed very pleased that we allowed them to lay in so late. For the next hour it was a case of running round like headless chickens trying not to trip either mick or Yvonne up whilst they where busy getting stuff sorted out, eventually mick grabbed the ruck sack and it was “charge” out we go …………Wait shouted mick, we are going by car, well hurry up we both barked back we are in a hurry, ok you two, mick opened the car doors we got in and off we all went.

We pulled up in the car park, right at the far end, this was because Mick was concerned about all the human bodies that had the same thought that we had, in fact I believe Mick swore, something about crowds but we needn’t have worried as the crowds headed towards the buildings and farm area  was , we on the other hand belted out towards the beach , it was the same beach that we had been on the night before just a few miles further along , naturally we knew this but you know mick he can be a bit dense at times.

Looking down the beach towards the campsite we where staying on (I know you cant see it from here)

Me and Bob where having a great time, running along the mud flats jumping over the ditches sometimes splashing around in the water.

The grassy bits , we had great fun playing here.

we even met up with a few other dogs who where out with there owners, right time to head into the trees said mick, right ok we barked back and charge off we run into the forest, we liked the forest. Lots of different smells and tons of wood to chew on but best of all it was a bit cooler being out of the sun and all.

Time to head  into the woods to cool off.

As we had Yvonne with us, who as you know is a bit of a lazy hack at times, we decided that it was time for a sit down and rest, mick had naturally brought a bowl and water for us and even some tasty treats, so we all settled down of a rest. However there was too much going on for us to stay still for long, we saw some funny looking animals, we knew that they weren’t sheep so we decided that we could bark at them , naturally Mick told us to shut up and went on to explain that they where ..............Llamas and we shouldn’t bark at them , come to think of it there isn’t very much that we are allowed to bark at , be haps we need to sort out what we can bark at , rather than what we cant bark at .

Yvonne then decided to get up and continue with the walk that was fine by us, we run off ahead, then to the side, never getting to far away and always racing to get back when called that way we always get a nice tasty treat. Eventually we lead the way out of the woods and back onto what mick called the mud flats, this huge area was covered in a strange sort of grass which made it fun to play in.

Getting back to the flats again.

we saw and chased a few birds and found a few dead smelly crabs, unfortunately both Mick and Yvonne told us to leave them alone, they don’t know what they are missing……….rotten crab very tasty don’t you know?.

Eventually we made our way back to where the car was parked, I couldn’t help but notice that mick kept us well clear of the water and mud on the last miles or so, I don’t think he wanted wet dirty pups in his car. We wanted to rush on ahead ………….Hurry up you two we both barked its getting on for tea time and we are both hungry , ok said Yvonne but don’t bark so loud .

Finally we got back at the car, & it was only a short drive back to the campsite so we didn’t have long to wait for tea , Yvonne made it first thing , again just to shut us up from barking than anything .

Early night for you two said mick, tomorrow you both have got a big day and I don’t want you feeling knackered before we even start, that’s ok we barked we are both very tiered and could do with a sleep and so whilst mick and Yvonne was busy on the BBQ we climbed up onto the big bed and went to sleep knowing that they wouldn’t wake us when they came to bed.

Bed time for us

A few photos from today.

Where the beach meets the mud flats.

Me and Bob having a dig in the sand .

Strange rock out to sea ,I bet that would be good fun to go there.

Getting back to the grassy flat area.

Tasty treat time , me (munchy) chewing a tasty biscuit.

Bob scoffed his down now looking for any tasty crumbs .

to be continued at   ST ABBS HEAD