DATE                                        28.04.07

DISTANCE                              4.25 MILES

WEATHER                              BRIGHT AND SUNNY


Ingleton Waterfall walk.

 After reading so many wonderful trip reports about this walk, we …..That’s my better half Yvonne and I decided to pay a visit and see for ourselves, all I can say is we weren’t disappointed.  About 4 .25 miles long, easy walking, well perhaps a couple of wet slippy places and a few spots of uneven ground to get over nothing to get excited about.

The weather gods must have approved because we had really good weather all the way round.

The only down side was the car parking fee £5.00 each so that was £10 gone straight away, should have put Yvonne in the boot and saved myself five of my hard earned pounds , I think this is a bit much it’s a car that’s parked does it really matter how many people are in it?. I am almost certain that if I parked along the street we wouldn’t have been charged an entrance fee, I suppose it the old tight fisted yorky people doing there best to get every last penny out of the visiting people. Won’t get caught like that again, next time Yvonne is in the boot.

But despite that I will admit that the paths and fences are well maintained so its not the price I am complaining about it’s the way they go about it.

Anyway the walk, easy walking with some lovely waterfalls scattered about on the rivers Twiss & Doe an old ruined quarry and a lovely tea shops either back at the car park or in Ingleton itself.

Anyway a few photos, it’s more than likely I got the falls names wrong as I didn’t have a guild book with me at the time …..Enjoy.

 My better half Yvonne at the start.


A short way into the walk and our first sighting of the money tree.

Up closer, I am surprised that the local yorky”s haven’t come out at night and pulled the money back out.

A break in the trees and Swilla Glen opens up.


First sighting of Pecca Falls. (I think)

A bit closer.

Different angle.

On top looking down.

Different position again.

Trying to capture them all in one photo.

Yvonne having a pose.


Not sure at all, but thought it was worth a photo.

The path, just round the corner there was an old lock up converted to a sort of café, well worth a stop for a bite to eat and a drink .

Looking down at the river Twiss.

First sighting of Thornton Force.

A few more photos.

Looking back along the path.

A few photos taken above the waterfall as we follow the path.

Looking at Ingleborough at this time it was a impossible dream to hike up to the summit however some time later I finally made it see INGLEBOROUGH


Some of the locals.

Now on the river doe and Beezley Falls (I think)

A few more photos as we make our way along sorry don’t know any more names .

Old Quarry ruins .



Lovley little walk and once you get away from the crowds .