DATE                                       14.02.15

DISTANCE                              10.2 MILES

WEATHER                             GREY BUT DRY


Corbridge with I walks

Once again I had been mooching around on that new social media thing called Facebook, yes I know its been around ages but up until recently I haven’t really been using it, anyway after a bit of mooching around I found a new walking group known as I walks, one pm / friend request and I was a member, from the write up it seemed that this group of walkers are out for the day, setting no records just taking it easy and having a good laugh …sounds right up my street , I was starting to get desperate to get out on a walk but didn’t want to push things to much with my poorly knee so this sounded almost perfect I could of course be a billy no mates and go out on my own , but I have found when I am out on my own I tend to push things a bit and normally pay the price with a sore knee or stump where as if I am walking with someone I tend not to go tearing off.

However I hadn’t mentioned that I come with bit’s missing , they (the members) could of course look at my profile and see that I’m a missing parts but I decided that I wouldn’t warn anyone before hand and just see how things went .

The walk that was posted was for one in the Corbridge area, this suited me fine as I know that there are no big hills so no big up’s or downs which would put an extra strain on my knee. The only problem was I didn’t know what route we would be doing ……………..Not a big deal as the walk leader (Doug) knew where we where going and had plenty of experience leading walk before but .call me anal if you must but I hated not knowing I suppose it a trust thing I find It hard just to follow along without knowing, I think that it’s a control thingy and something I need to work on.

Times and meeting places where sorted and that was it.

The morning before I got up threw breakfast down my neck, checked and rechecked my gear ….for some unknown reason I was feeling rather nervous. I suppose I was feeling a bit guilty about not letting on about my leg , I suppose I should have warned the walk leader and given him the choice of letting me know that he would rather not have me tagging along and  feeling that he was responsible for me ….which of course he wouldn’t be…..but you can never tell how things will turn out until the day , yes I should have given him the chance to let me know  via a e mail rather than having to say something there and then and feeling bad about it but it was too late now.

Anyway on arrival I met up with a work mate so suddenly I didn’t feel so alone, I had already decided that if there was any sort of problem I would get back in the car and drive up to Hadrian wall and have a wander along there rather than cause anyone any embarrassment but as it was I was worried about nothing , the group where  very welcoming and the fact I came along with some missing bits didn’t seem to concern them in the slightest of course they might have peeped at my Facebook profile and already knew ..Maybe I worry about things that I shouldn’t worry about (does that even make sense) anyway introductions where made hands where shaken , Doug let us know what to expect and off we went , within minutes we left the village (or is it small town) of Corbridge and entered the countryside ,  it was a nice easy walking pace and according to Doug we would be walking a distance of about 6 miles as it turned out we did just over ten …………..I’m not sure why or even where it got extended but my good old GPS doesn’t tell porkies .

We saw some weird shaped chimney pots and took a few photos and because I’m such a nice person I even used the all knowing Google to find some info about them :-

Corbridge Pottery, also known as Corbridge Fire Brick and Sanitary Tube Works, operated from 1840 to around 1910. Sanitary ware, bricks, tiles and chimney pots were manufactured here. The products would be made from clay and water and bricks would be moulded by hand, using wooden shapes. The kiln was used to bake the bricks so they became stronger and more durable. It could take weeks to bake a full kiln of bricks.

This is the site of two kilns where pottery was made. The pottery was founded in the mid 19th century and closed in 1910. It made simple pottery objects, such as chimney pots and roof tiles. The kilns are built of brick and are of a type known as bottle kilns because of their bottle-like shape. The buildings and kilns at this site are Grade II listed buildings protected by law.

Lunch was had sitting on a small wall outside the (sadly closed for the winter) Aydon Castle, Doug was doing his best to keep us all informed about the toilet facility’s and where the pooh used to go just what you wanted to know at meal time, then entertained us with some sort of nuclear fall out procedure that all team members have to participate in (strange people these walker types)

Again a bit of info nicked off the all knowing Google

Almost completely intact, it is one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th century English manor house. Set in beautiful and secluded Northumberland woodland, it was originally built as an undefended residence, but almost immediately fortified on the outbreak of Anglo-Scottish warfare. Nevertheless it was pillaged and burnt by the Scots in 1315, seized by English rebels two years later, and again occupied by Scots in 1346.

After lunch and various nuclear fall out drills

we set off again our first stop off point was a church or chapel at Halton which was originally Norman, but was rebuilt in the early 17th century and re-roofed in 1706 and is set in a well looked after graveyard with a mouse in it, brill

Our final look see was at the five-bay late 17th century house attached to the 15th century tower

All very nice if you are into that sort of thing , then it was time to head back to Corbridge , only this time we seemed to hit every stile known to man and duly climbed over them , as anyone will tell you I have been known to have a few problems getting over some stiles and to be honest I really had used up all my luck and was preparing myself for a very undignified fall …………….but the gods seem to smile on me today and much to my surprise I didn’t fall once .

I’m not sure about the route that we had taken or should have taken but I do remember climbing over one particular tricky stone stile over a wall only to return and climb back over it again ………….I am sure it was part of a test set out by Doug but wisely chose not to question him about it and somehow due to some technical difficulties …………yes that’s a good word for it our route turned from about 6 miles to about 10.2 miles (not that I’m counting)  with about 1059 ft of the up’s and downs but it was all easy walking with nothing to difficult (apart from all the stiles) and of course the miles just flew past like they always do when you are in good company . and I have to say it was a laugh a minute walking with the guys and the ladies (sorry cant remember all your names) and I hope to get out with them again sometime .

As normal a few photos

Taken on the bridge over the river Tyne

First sighting of the chimney pots


Looking back

Up close


Heading off to our next spot


Again looking back, it’s such a shame that the weather wasn’t better


Heading down to the Cor burn


Small waterfall


Snowdrops on the banks of Aydon Castle


Looking towards where the out fall from the “netty” would have been (according to Doug)


Lunch time on the wall


Don’t ask coz I’m not really sure what is going on here


Last look back at the castle

Unnamed small pond we past


Looking towards the Hollywell dean?


Looking towards Halton


Up close


Looking towards another pond


The church


Just love the mouse


Inside the church (yes I signed the visitor’s book)

Outside looking at the flowers (arty shot)


Getting ready for the off again

Small man made weir


Yet another pond


And you guessed it a pond!


Feeding time for the locals


Hello Mick


Heading back down to the Cor Burn


Cor burn


Doug explains how they used to cut these by hand in his time.


Old stone gate post


One of the locals having a sniff


Sight of an old quarry?


Small Wood! We liked this so much we went through it twice!


Getting over a stile after a high speed crossing


Looking towards yet another pond


Posh / old house in Corbridge


Crossing over the Tyne


 Day after thoughts,

Boy was I tired when it was bed time , but after a good night sleep I was surprised to find that yes I was a bit stiff first thing but after a few cups of coffee and a bit of moving around I was fine .

My knee was a bit sore (but then it always is first thing) so I don’t think that I did any damage and because of the nice slow pace I found that my stump was fine, I was expecting to get a few sore spots after all the distance isn’t something to be sniffed at but again I found that thing where fine so all in all a good day walking with some very nice people.