DATE                                                02.08.12

DISTANCE                                      10.9 MILES

WEATHER                                       DULL, SUNNY THEN THE HEAVENS OPENED UP.

START / FINNISH                           PAY AND DISPLAY AT CLAPHAM


This was the last of the three peaks that I had chosen to do whilst I was on a very well deserved break down in the Yorky Dales.

And if the truth is know this was the one that I was really looking forward to, not really sure why, be haps it was because of what could be the difficult but short tricky bit through Trow gill, or the fact that I wanted to see Gaping Gill after reading so many tales about the place, or it could be simply because its Ingleborough itself, from a distance it looks pretty good.

As normal I had done a little bit of homework on my route up, but unlike my last two peaks I intended to extend this walk a bit further so I didnít have a direct route back down. In fact I have to question myself after the last two peaks, I donít do straight up to ďBag itĒ and straight down , for me walking is about having a good day out , not getting to the top and back down again . Yes by all means reach the summit but my walks are so much more than just getting to the trig point. Sorry Iím starting to ramble on a bit.

I did ask my better half if she would like to join me for this walk but again she refused informing me that she was on holiday and that didnít include climbing up big hills ÖÖ..cant understand whatís she on about, then just to add salt to the wound she informed me that I could take the car so she could have a lay in.

So that was it , up, wash  breakfast (made by yours truly as yvonne the hack was busy snoring and farting in bed ) then off I went .

Being a good person I parked up in the car park at Clapham and paid four quid for the privilege next time I will just park up on the street some place and use my blue badge but I suppose itís all to do with supporting the local economy.

Gear sorted and on and off I went.

I decided to follow the track / path Clapdale drive? Because I was informed that there were a few things to see on the way, only to be confronted with a pay a quid for the privilege , WHAT  after I just forked out four quid ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.not a hope in hell money grabbing Yorkshire ba***ds . Looking at the time I decided that there was no one about and if I do get stopped I would act like a simple person and plead ignorance. Informing them that I didnít want to be here but old arty leg was going his own way and there was nothing I could do about it.

Walking along this track I made good time stopping only to have a look at the very impressive waterfall.

And some other strange building.

Then before I knew it I was at Ingleborough cave, I was hoping that it would be open so I could get a nice cup of coffee but I was to early and it was still shut. (I bet that hurt them to know that they missed a paying customer )

Then it was off along the path to Trow Gill, now I had read about this small section and have to be honest and admit that I was concerned about it . Just as I rounded the corner the sun decided to come out and the small breeze dropped, a call was sent out to midge command and before I knew it I was being eaten alive by swarms of them, I was making slow time making my way up over the rocks being constantly attacked by them, I couldnít even swat them as I needed both hands to help with my balance.

Eventually I emerged from the Gill into bright sunlight and a small breeze and as quickly as they came they buggered off back into the murky Gill.

The first thing that I had to do was have a good scratch all over; if I ever come this way again I will smother myself with deet (that will sort the little blood sucking yorky things out).

From there I stayed on a very well used path taking a small detour to go look at Gaping Gill , not a great deal to see from above but I bet its impressive from the inside. After that it was slow but steady plod up to wards Little Ingleborough, again the path was very well used and in very good condition with several stone stepped sections. From there it was a simple case of staying on the path all the way to the top (after several stops to take photos which really means stopping to get my breath back)

Then after one particular long stepped section where I think my lungs stopped working I suddenly burst out onto the big flat summit. Yeah made it. (Mick does happy boy dance)

The top of Ingleborough is flat and after touching the trig point (yes Iím a sad person I know) I had a wander around the edge, before I found a nice spot to sit down and have my lunch. I was very pleased to note that there wasnít any rubbish lying about and the stone shelter didnít stink like an open sewer like Whernside.

After lunch it was off with my leg just to check stuff, he wanted his photo taken (posing git) and then it was time to pick my route down, like I mentioned earlier I didnít want to come straight down so I decided to extend the walk a bit and visit some of the limestone paved areas, see the map for full route.

Weather was funny today, grey low cloud then bright sun and finally it threw it down the last couple of miles totally soaking me.

Out of the three peaks I have to say this one is by far the best and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this walk apart from the midge attack.

As normal a few photos enjoy:

Waterfall on Clapham beck (sorry donít know its name)


Small lake (man made?)


Stone seat.


Small weir.


The approach to Trow Gill.


Getting closer, by this time the midges where on the way.


On my way up whilst been eaten alive.


Looking back down.


Escape and time for a good scratch, my route ahead.


Looking back.


Gaping Gill.


Same again.


The path heading up little Ingleborough.


Part way up looking back down (getting my breath back really)


One of the small stone step sections.


Now on top of little Ingleborough looking towards the top.


A bit further along looking back.


More stone steps.


Looking back, its an easy path to walk on.(if your lungs work)


Made it !!!!!!!!!!!!


A few views from the top, itís a pity that the air isnít that clear.


Arty leg doing what he does best.


A few more photos as I make my way round.

 The path I decided to go down.

 Looking back up, i think that i picked the wrong path.

 My route, cant really miss it can you?.

 Old ruin.

 Small stream to cross.


 Limestone pavement (this what I have come to see).



Well at least i"m not lost.

Some shots of the limestone that I pass.

Now back on nice grassy paths (dont hurt so much when I fall)

Looking across to Gaping Gill.

Now on a well used farm track heading into Clapham , looking back just as the heavens open , it rained that heavy I was forced to put the camra away sorry.

day after thoughts.

10.9 miles with no aches or pains in the morning , not really sure why may be my body is starting to get use to it , no problems with stumpy leg either. good result I think.