DATE                                  21.01.10

WEATHER                         GREY, COLD AND OVERCAST

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 5 .4 MILES


Icy Red road

Well its that time of year again , my walking had been brought to an abrupt halt because of the weather , I have no problems with lousy weather but once the snow had  fallen , divining into the Cheviot hills becomes……….. Well let’s say interesting.

I needed to get out someplace , anyplace in the hills would do but ……….I had to be realistic , I figured that because the snow had all but gone round the coast where I live , most of it should have gone in the lower hills and valleys well that was the thinking , and as normal I was wrong .

The first thing I noticed whilst driving up was how the landscape changed colour the closer I got to the hills , starting with just the odd patch of snow to a almost  white blanket as I approached Alwinton .

Time for a change of route, there was no way I would be driving any further into the hills it was a case of parking up in the small hamlet of Alwinton.

Gear was sorted and off I went , I decided that I would be a good day to wear the micro spikes , the snow wasn’t that deep in fact it wasn’t snow at all more like a wet ice along the lower valley bottoms , my route wasn’t going to be anything big or difficult , basically cutting across to the red road , walk along to Kidlandlee along the red road then cut up cross dyke and hopefully link up with the old drovers road Clennell street back down to Alwinton , as it was there was a fare bit of icy snow laying on top of the fells but it was hard enough to walk over the top with out sinking which made it very easy going , and as such I got that disappointing feeling towards the end of the walk so I extended it a little bit by cutting across to the river Alwin and walking back along the river a sort of figure of eight (see map) .

Pre haps not the best route to do but it got me out and certainly got some cold fresh air into my lungs so all in all a good day.

Total distance walked about 5 .4  of your earthly miles with 819 ft. of ups and downs  very cold and dull weather all day  and despite the snow and ice very easy as normal I took a few photos enjoy.

After cutting across from Alwinton now on a very icy red road.

Looking along the valley.

The river Alwin.

Looking across towards Clennell hill.

One of the many small water run offs.

Looking across towards the Dodd.


My path heading towards Cross Dyke.


Just started up and looking back across towards Kitty’s crag.

Still heading upwards looking along the valley.

The snow starts to gets a bit deeper as I head uphill.

Looking back down towards Kidlandlee forest.

Getting nearer the top again looking down along the valley.

Still a fair way to go and the snow is getting deeper, not a problem today as it frozen and I can walk over the top without sinking.

Finally at the top looking back down.

A few views, nothing spectacular as the weather is closing in a bit.

These gate posts always make me smile, when I first started walking this area there was a full fence with working gate, over the years it’s slowly disappearing.


Looking up towards Lords seat.

A few more photos as I walk along, not much to see because of the weather.


Looking down towards Clennell hall.

Looking across towards Rookland hill.

A couple more photos of...nothing really.

Looking across to the small farm at old Rookland.

Starting to head down now.

Snow on its way on the high fells.


Down in the valley bottom by the farm at Clennell.

My route now takes me along the river Alwin.

Another small run off from the melting snow.