DATE                                21.02.06

DISTANCE                      N/A

WEATHER                     COLD BUT BRIGHT




Housesteads Roman fort 


I had been having a great week so far, managing to get out every day on a wander someplace and what made things even better was my better half Yvonne was with me, however even I knew that this happy state of affairs couldn’t  last for much longer so it was with great trepidation that I mentioned getting out again today over breakfast to Yvonne , much to my surprise she seemed quite happy but didn’t want to do to much distance wise , I knew that I had to throw a sweetener in so I suggested returning to Hadrian’s Wall again and having a mooch around Housesteads fort which if all the printed stuff is to be believed  :-Housesteads is the most complete Roman fort in Britain ……and just to really win her over I did point out that there is a visitors centre there so we could have lunch there …..My treat ……..yes I know how to show a girl a good time and if it’s closed there is bound to be a pub near by (really spoiling her now) so that was . Our walking gear was thrown into the car, I did another quick check on arty leg and my stump and all was good. I had been a bit concerned that all the walking each day might have started to cause problems for my stump but so far things where all good, of course I wasn’t really pushing things every day and walking with the new adaptive knee made things so much easer so I have to say I was a happy bunny with the way things where working out. Today was going to be one of those days where we would be walking quite a bit, but also stopping & mooching around so I should build up on my strength without knacking myself (if that makes sense )

Once again I was seriously impressed with the scenery as we parked up, there is a sort of forbidding feeling about the wall when it’s dark and dull which instantly disappears when the sun comes out.

 (over the years I have walked lots of this wall mostly in the cooler winter months where I have it all to myself, and each time I almost feel the violent history slowly soaking out of the wall not in a threating way but as if its got a story to share with you the walker if you want it too at times I can almost see the roman legions marching along the wall or see the cold lookout’s t watching / waiting for the scots to attack   )

 we decided to park up away from the fort and walk along a small section of the wall, pay and have a mooch around Housesteads fort, stuff our faces with tasty food and drink then have another wander along the wall slowly making our way back. And just for once we actually did what we planned to do with one small bit added on, on getting back to the car we both decided that we would stop off on the way back home and have a small mooch around the temple of Mithras, just because we where passing it and it seemed a shame not to visit it.

The Temple itself is very small but well worth a look, what surprised us both was the fact there was money on the alter, not a great deal but I was surprised that the local kids hadn’t came along and helped themselves, however being god fearing people that both Yvonne and I are we decided to throw a bit of lose change in …after all it doesn’t hurt to get on the god’s good side and who knows I might need there help one day.

All in all a very good day , no great distance walked , hence no map but a day out in the fresh air mooching around some seriously old historical stuff.

A few photos:

Making our way up to the fort

Looking back towards the visitors centre


Looking over the wall (English side)


A couple of photos taken in the fort




Me in a roman century Gard position looking out for mad scots


A few more photos looking all around


A couple of Yvonne


The wall heading east


The wall heading off into the distance


Then the sun came out a few photos of the ruins


Having a sit down


Last look before we start to head back


The Temple of Mithras


A bit closer


Yvonne, I was really proud that she didn’t put her hand in the alter


Local offerings to the gods


Yet another good day out, I find it really strange that up to a few day ago we had never even bothered to have a mooch around the Hadrian’s Wall site, it is a place that we plan to revisit and explore in the future