DATE                                 07.02.13

DISTANCE                      ABOUT 8.2 MILES

WEATHER                     GREY COLD BUT DRY


Hury Reservoir

Today’s walk was going to be another walk for the North Pennines people and their push for easy access , Beck’s  had already sent me the map of the route and this time I actually studied it rather than just throwing my gear into the car and charging off.

This would be the last walk that I do for them as all the route reports have to be in and sorted by the end of the month ready for there big launch or what ever they are going to do with them and I just don’t have any more free time for the next week or so .

The rout was simple enough along a small man made road from one car park to another further along the valley, normally I don’t like walking along the roads but this one is a dead end and with only a few farms using it I cant see traffic being a problem.

Any way there are some big reservoirs along this route , I was planning on having a mooch around them all whilst I was in the area and doing what I do best and that is extending the walk to take in what ever takes my eye at the time.

So weather forecast was checked, gear thrown into the car and off I went, I had a good idea of where I wanted to go but stuck it in tom tom sat nav just to be certain , this proved to be a huge mistake and had me going up and down some really small snow covered roads ……….did I say roads no these where tracks partly overgrown  in places , I can remember feeling pleased that I still had the shovel in the boot of the car at one point I honestly thought that I would need it , any way eventually I got back on a half decent road and pulled up at the car park at Hury Reservoir , once again I was very impressed with the car park , it was free (always a good point with me) but there was a few table s and benches scattered around which made putting your boots on and sorting the gear that much easer , and me being me decided to have coffee in style . This would be a good place just to come and have a mooch around lots to see with the Dam and spill system (or whatever it’s called) in fact it’s a lovely spot even if you just wanted a drive out and a quite sit down someplace quite.

However I was a man on a mission , gear on ,coffee drunk and off I went , the route that I had been sent was easy to follow , stick to the road ………….straight along to the car park at the other end (clove lodge) then simple case of retrace my steps. However after half a mile or so I couldn’t help but notice Goldsborough hill sitting on the skyline , never being up there made me think …should I? Can I? yes why not, a frozen set of quad bike tracks headed up in that general direction was all I needed and off I went, its not a hard climb or even that far from the road, but that little bit of height certainly opened up the views, it also exposed me to a cooling (icy) wind after a few more photos it was time to head back to the road again this time using the Pennine way, once back on the road it was down to Clove lodge. From his point onwards I just made it up as I went along following the track I headed down towards Blackton bridge then up to the YHA at Blackton, then across the huge Dam at Balderhead Reservoir (very impressive), lunch stop was had in an old stone hut in the parking area then it was back down to Blackton Reservoir where I once again had a mooch around all the waterworks building thingies (not sure what they are called).

From there I followed a well marked footpath that the water board people had done, taking me in Hannah’s Meadow Nature reserve along the edge of Blackton Reservoir to the dam at Blackton house then down to another smaller (unnamed reservoir) where I crossed over yet another dam from there I followed the path back along side Hury Reservoir between what I think is the spillway and the lake side, which eventually brought me back to the picnic area and the car park.

About 8.04 miles according to GPS Very easy walking with lots of things and man made stuff to see, (If you are into this type of thing) I bet its lovely in the summer months when the sun is out.

As normal a few photos.

Taken at the car park looking towards the dam.


Now on the road looking back at the dam and spill way.


Looking across the reservoir and the spill way.


The road ………easy walking to start with.


The farm at Willoughby Hall.


Looking across to the right.

The view a bit further along.


At this point I leave the road and head up an old quad track towards Goldsborough hill.


Looking back towards the road.


A couple of the locals.


A bit further up the hill.


Made it (with some serious heavy breathing) a few photos whilst I get my breath back.




Starting to head down.

Back on the road looking back up, the sign post said that I am on the Pennine way.

Quick check back along the road (after all I am supposed to walk on it)


Looking down towards a reservoir (not sure which one)


I guess it’s the end of the road now.

Starting to head down, the snow is about 12” deep here, but its frozen solid so walking across it is easy.


Looking across towards Blackton reservoir.


The farmers track that I follow down, a bit slippery in places.


Now on top of Balderhead dam.


Looking at the reservoir.


Looking back down towards both Blackton and a distant Hury reservoir.


Looking at what I believe is the overflow basin.


Again looking down at some other bits that do something?


Looking back across.


Old hut where I stopped and had lunch, it had lights and even a small heater, I think that there use to be toilets here (long gone now)


At the base of the dam now, I couldn’t help thinking if the dam burst now I would get wet.


Same again I bet its impressive when in full flow.


Last look back.


A few photos as I walk along the reservoirs.


Arty leg wants his photo taken seeing as he has behaved himself I agree.


Looking across towards Goldsborough hill.


Now at Blackton house (dam)


And its overflow thingy.


Looking across at a much smaller dam.


Another dam and this is where I will cross over.


On the dam looking down Hury Reservoir.


I think that this is a spill way (not sure) and I will follow it back to the car park.


A few photos as I follow the path back.


Back at the car park and the picnic area.


A few more photos of the dam and its spillways ………very impressive.

Day after thoughts.

Just over 8 miles don’t know how much of the ups and downs (not that it matters) of very easy walking.

Didn’t have any problems with my stump which is a good thing , and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself again , I don’t know anything about these dams ect but it made a nice change just to mooch around them .

Weather wise it started to get a bit windy towards the end of the walk and with the wind picking up the temperature dropped but nothing to get excited about.

Yep a nice day out ………..Thank you.