DATE                                        18.12.11

WEATHER                              COLD BUT BRIGHT AND SUNNY

DISTANCE                              JUST UNDER 4 MILES


Well it was the run up to Christmas, I had (naturally) done all my shopping on line and had everything sorted, I just love this on line shopping business, I mean you sit there in your own home, mouse in hand and just click, enter a few details and that’s it, they even deliver it to your doorstep a few days later.  (If you are really lazy like me you can even get it gift wrapped) how good is that.  I am certain there is a very good reason why lots of good folk go out into town with all the hassle and buy the presents but for the life of me I can’t think why.

Anyway I couldn’t help but notice that my better half, Yvonne, was looking a bit out of sorts so I suggested a small walk (I think that she had planned a serious TV film watching session on the settee) but after I gave her my best smile she had no choice but to accompany me.

The weather was cold and icy but the ground was free of snow, you know one of those freezing cold but dry days, clear blue sky, the lot, perfect for an afternoon wander.

I decided that we would do just a small walk starting at Wooler Common and just go round and to the top of Humbleton Hill.  It’s small enough so Yvonne wouldn’t start with the face like a 'smacked arse' yet and it offers some brilliant views, in fact it really is a lovely little hill.

Driving towards Wooler I couldn’t help but notice that there was a covering of snow on the fields, and the road to Wooler Common was pure ice, (still we were in Yvonne’s car so it didn’t matter if we skidded into the bank).

We arrived safely in the car park and got our gear on, the first thing I noticed was how the car park had become one huge skating ring, still this gave me the chance to try out my new micro spikes and boy are they good.  I walked across the ice without any problems where the others where slipping and sliding all over the place.  It was a short but good walk, the air was bitterly cold which meant that we only had one stop for a cup of hot chocolate made with the jetboil, which once again did what it was supposed to do, even Yvonne didn’t have anything to complain about (not that she ever complains …………………Much)

A few photos enjoy  

Just left the trees at wooler Common and our first sighting of Humbleton.

There is a pleasant easy grassy track to walk along, a few photos of the views.

Humbleton Hill you can make out the path coming down.

My better half Yvonne, yes there is a smile under there someplace.

Old ruin.

Our path today takes us round the back before we start to climb upwards.

One of the ponds, I can't remember anything about them, except that they drained them in the summer to kill off some type of pond weed.

We are now sneeking round between Humbleton and Harehope Hill, our path will start to climb soon and, if the truth, was known we weren't really sneeking either.

As we start to gain a little bit of height the views start to open up a bit.

Yvonne stopping to have a good look around (gives me a chance to get my breath).

Just look at that smile she is a very happy girl (I keep telling myself).

The top, there is an old hill fort up here, you can make out the stone circles but it doesn't really mean that much to me.

Yvonne looking very pleased with herself, just think she could have spent the afternoon watching TV.


A few photos looking in all directions.

Starting on the way down now.

Yvonne leading the way.

At the bottom looking back up.

Yvonne leading the way back to the car.

Just what we both needed, a short walk on a lovley afternoon (so much better that watching TV!)



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