DATE                                06.01.07

DISTANCE                       5.75

WEATHER                       COLD BUT DRY


Well it’s that time of year again , you know the time , you have been pigging out for the last few weeks , your waist line has grown and those trousers that fitted just nice are now starting to feel a bit tight , actually I really struggled to get into one pair and trying to do the buttons up proved to be a struggle of epic proportions  even when I was lying flat on the bed  ……………..Time to start getting back to normal , fortunately most of the sweets and goodies  have all been scoffed , and most of the booze has gone mainly thanks to some serious drinking by the rest of the family so it’s just a case of me trying to get back to normal …time for a nice walk someplace.

I mentioned this to my long suffering better half, who was looking at the bathroom scales in disbelieve and firmly informed me that the scale where broken and we need a new set (at this point I was going to point out that they were working fine) but as stupid as I am I’m not that stupid and meekly replied a non-committal “yes dear”. And so after avoiding if the scale where broken or not question I asked her again if she fancied a wander out someplace and after one last hateful look at the scales she agreed, neither of us had done a great deal for the last week or so apart from sitting down watching TV and throwing huge amounts of tasty food and treat down our necks  so we needed something nice and  easy but in a nice place if that makes sense , after a bit of how about this place or that place we decided on a small walk  starting at Hethpool and basically have a wander along the road following the collage burn and just make it up as we go along , I had also seen on the map that there was a small waterfall in the same area so why not have a small wander along the valley then cut down to the Collage burn and have a look . so that was it sorted, gear was thrown into the car, I should say that we more or less keep the rucksack ready now, it’s just a case of throwing in some food and drink into it, grabbing the boot bag along with our coats and off we go, just out of interest to any readers we also keep a change of clothes with a couple of bath towel’s in the cars so if the worse should happen we can always dry off and get changed.

We parked up in the small but free carpark at  Hethpool , to go further along the road you have to pay and get a permit , which would have meant a drive into wooler and as we left it rather late we wasn’t even sure if all the places had been given out , but to be honest for a small wander this is a good place to start from, gear was sorted , boots on and off we went , our route was simple just head along the small road , as I mentioned it is a small but private dead end road servicing less than half a dozen small farms so the chances of meeting any cars is very slim.

Our wander took us along the road till we came to a forestry track turn off that took us into the forest (I think it’s called Whitehall?) and from there we headed out of the trees towards the small farm at Trowupburn , it was my plan to walk around the farm and head back over Great Hetha BUT  we noticed a herd of humongous cattle blocking the path around the farm , not a problem as we could go round them …………..Then right out of the blue we saw the biggest meanest bull charging around like a nutter and thought …… “Let’s turn around and get back on the other side of the gate” and so very quietly and quickly we back tracked …………………..not that we are a couple of scared cats you understand but this bull was mean, blood red eyes and very sharp horns and was charging around, it goes without saying we were both very relieved when we climbed over the fence and disappeared back into the trees and so we retraced our steps back to the car , from there we decided to have a wander down to the Collage burn to have a look at the waterfall , using some fantastic navigating (following the sign posts) we found the waterfall without any problems snapped a few photos then headed back to the car , we only walked about 5.75  miles but it was lovley to get out and about again and without a doubt we felt much better for it , a few photos from today :

Taken from the car back looking back down the valley


Yvonne with the Tors in the background


Looking down the valley


And I’m off watched by some of the locals


Looking up towards the Tors (it took a few years but I did get up there)


Looking back towards Easter Tor


Me showing too much Christmas paunch


Small (unnamed burn) running down into the Collage burn


My better half with the side of great Hetha in the background


We did think about heading off along here


Yvonne feeling pleased with herself (not sure why)


Me having a well-deserved sit down


Heading into the forest


My better half (still got a smile on her face …what’s going on?)


Our route should have taken us down alongside the farm at Trowupburn but the big black bull decided otherwise


Another photo of the farm (taken from behind a fence and away from mad bull)


Just checking behind to make sure the bull isn’t following


Looking towards the Tors


Looking down at the (unnamed?) burn


Same again


Back on the small road heading back towards the car at Hethpool


Yvonne having a pose on the way to Hethpool Linn


A few photos of where the burn becomes the small Linn


Me, I will admit I did have a few problems walking around this bit; it was very slippery and covered in moss


A few more of the burn


Heading back


Looking up the valley


Yvonne …very happy now because she is on her way back to the car


Last look as we leave the car park


Day after thoughts:

A nice easy wander to help walk off the excess of Christmas, pity that the mad bull forced us to change our route ……………but better to be safe than sorry. As for any amputee related problems well I’m pleased to say that I had none.