DATE                              09.07.2010

DISTANCE                      5.3 MILES

WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Howick coastline

It had been a while since I was last up on this section of coastline and I had been informed that many things had changed, one of them being that the footpath, someone or some organisation had kicked up a fuss which resulted in the footpath being repaired, so I decided that this would be a good excuse for me to pay it a visit.

I should go on and say that the last time I was up here sections of the coastal path where so bad in places I really had trouble staying on my feet (or should that be foot) with massive muddy puddles , overgrown bushes and wet slippery mud make sections almost impossible to walk along .

Anyway gear was sorted and thrown into the car and off I went, it was as I was pulling in into the car park at Craster I realised my first mistake, I had left it too late and the car park was full, likewise trying to find somewhere to park was impossible, the place was chocker block full of touristy type of people   in fact just trying to get of Craster was almost impossible , this called for plane b (I didn’t really have a plane b at this moment of time ) when out of the blue I had a brilliant idea why not see if there is any room on the small roadside layby near Cullernose point , I noticed the last time I was up this way that the local fishermen parked up here so off I zoomed , as luck would have it I got lucky and managed to fit in , naturally coffee was made whilst I sorted my gear out , a few photos where taken and off I went , for route please see map above . as it was late first stop was for lunch, I decided that I would get to Rumbling Kern and stop there, it’s a lovley small secluded bay with some very strange rock formations that you can see when the tides out (well I think that they are strange) from there it was a small roadside walk (hardly any traffic) into the grounds of Howick Hall,

Howick Hall is open to the public and has some really nice gardens and grounds to wander all-over as well as a small tea room link:-

From there it was a nice easy walk along well used but slightly overgrown footpaths heading towards the small hill at Hip Heugh, from there down to Craster south farm; this is where I met up with the local women’s walking group  and it took ages to get away , as a rule I don’t mind talking about losing my leg , but the questions went on for ages followed by are you sure your ok and can you manage then when they started talking about jam making it was time for me to say goodbye and move on , my route now took me down towards Craster along what I believe is a nature walk thingy to the harbour itself . From there e I linked up with the Coastal path and followed it back to where I parked the car.

About 5.3 miles with very little of the ups and downs , a gloriously easy walk making the most of the summer weather and of course the Northumberland coast .

As normal a few photos.

 A few photos taken from the roadside lay by where I parked up.

A few more as I make my way along the coastline.

 The old bath house

Heading down towards Rumbling Kern for a well deserved Lunch spot


Great I have the place all to myself


Sitting on top of the baby cliff thingy looking down at the strange rocks


Underwater cave? Or scary hole.


Looking back along the coastline.


Looking further along the coastline (not my route today)


Just coming out of the Howick Hall grounds looking towards Hips Heugh


Looking back at the footpath, starting to get a bit overgrown now.


And off we go straight through a field of crops


Some of the locals


Small tree growing out of the rock


Heading towards the farm now

Heading down towards the nature reserve which will take me into Craster

Craster harbour


Looking towards the old ruin at Dunstanburgh


Looking down the “main street”


The Castle from the harbour


The coastal path heading down the coastline, it actually goes through a pubs back garden


A bit further along , looking down the coastline.


A few more photos as I make my way along



Looking back


Looking towards where I have parked up




Cullernose point (you get a lot of fishermen fishing off this rock)


A few more photos showing the sea gulls nesting on the cliffs


Back at the car now …….Last look