Hi this is Munchy Iím the cute little one & itís my turn to write up our last adventure, and what an adventure it turned out to be, to start off with we had a surprise visit from our friend Flynn, Mark brought him over for a couple of days so we had great fun, the only trouble is Flynn likes to get us up early in the morning, whereas me and Bob like to have an extra few minutes snoozing in our beds. But as the weather has been so good it didnít really matter,

Our owner Mick had already told us that he was taking us out for the day someplace special, but was a bit concerned about how hot the weather was , and it was hot even at this early in the morning , but he is very clever and we knew that he had someplace special lined up where we could cool off if it got too hot for us , so after waking the whole house hold up we quickly scoffed our breakfast down , said goodbyes to Yvonne and Kerri and jumped into the car , mick put the air conditioning on and soon  we were all nice and cool , me and Bob made the most of the trip and had forty winks , Flynn however decided to sit up and keep an eye on mick .

And before we knew it we had arrived where we would be spending the day, Mick wanted to continue our outdoor training, with those stupid sheep and stuff, I did try to tell him that we were all fine but he is a bit dense at times and doesnít realise how smart we are, Flynn said that it takes time to train humans and Flynn is very smart.

The place mick had picked was a valley in Ingram, with the river Breamish running alongside where we would be playing, but because Mick wasnít sure about how deep the river was he moved us to where there was a small but very cool beck where we could run and play in .

We had great fun, running across the small stream, running and hiding in the tall fern, causing Mick no end of trouble because he couldnít see us. I must admit we were a bit naughty at times .Mick decided to take us for a small walk , again we had great fun , we saw some sheep , we wanted to bark at them but remembered that we went supposed to , mick seemed pleased with us , a bit further we found a lot of birds running in the fern , we had great fun chasing them , then they cheated and flew away but that didnít matter as we also found a few rabbits to chase , they run very fast even faster than Flynn and soon we were all puffed out and feeling very hot and thirsty , mick took us to the big river and let us paddle and drink , it was nice to cool off then he took us back to where the car was got our blanket out and some tasty food and we all had a bite to eat and a snooze .

After our nap , we did some training with mick , this all came to a stop when a lady walker and her husband stopped by us then the lady fell onto the ground , she was very hot and very red , mick gave her some water to drink and suggested that she sat in our shady spot and put her feet in the water to cool off , after a while she seemed ok and made a fuss of us whilst her husband went to get the car moved closer , she was nice but didnít realise how hot it was , good job we were all there to fix her , we said our goodbyes and for the rest of the day we played in the fern and had races across the stream whilst Mick kept an eye on us .

Because mick had his camera with him we even got a few photos.

The views from the car window, some of those hills look very steep; I hope mick isnít taking us up there today.


Yeah someplace to paddle and cool off.


Me and Bob having a splash come on Flynn.


Bob and Flynn having a paddle.


Flynn checking that Mick is ok.


Itís hot letís have a cooling off before we play.


Right I wonít look, Bob you go with Flynn and I will chase you.

 Flynn has the stick, we have to chase him and take it off him, and Flynn can run very fast.


Right lets go, Flynn running very fast, Bob is going to try to cut him off.


Me running very fast with an old gunshot cartridge, mick took it off me and put it in a bin; I wish people wouldnít leave rubbish lying about.


Me cutting down a pile of stone still chasing Flynn.


Nearly caught him.


Me and Bob waiting to run and get Flynn.


Flynn with the stick we want to get.


Still chasing Flynn.


Time for a walk, mick is taking us along the river for a bit, some of the views, mick likes walking up these hills but canít at the moment as his metal leg is broken.


After all that walking itís time to cool off in the river this looks a good spot.


This is nice come on in you two.

 Look at all this fern to play in, I bet mick wonít be able to see us if we run in here.


And there is such a lot.


Bob running out of the fern.


Mick calling letís get on the path so he can see us.


Come on mick hurry up thereís lots of stuff to do.


Looking at some stupid sheep, we was very good and didnít even bark at them , Mick was very pleased with us and gave us a tasty sweet treat.


More fern to run and hid in.


Waiting for mick to catch up again.


Looking back along the river Breamish.


Our paddling area.


More food time and itís time for a rest after we check that Mick is ok.


Last couple of photos.


After much more playing and running it was time for us to go, mick put the cold air machine thingy on in the car so it was just right for a sleep, and we all slept on the drive home, even Flynn had a sleep and he is very nosy, we had a great day and learned lots of things, and better still Flynn was allowed to stay for the night. We were all very tired and after tea we all snuggled with mick and Yvonne till it was bed time.