DATE                                   31.06.2014

DISTANCE                          9.3 MILES

WEATHER                          HOT & SUNNY


Hot Cresswell

Mick had a day off work, I think he was planning on catching up on jobs around the house, I had other ideas, hey Mick I barked sod the jobs why don’t you get some gear sorted and we can spend the day on the beach, yes why not Flynn replied Mick give me a few minutes to get sorted and we will be off, right I’d go tell Bob and Munchy.

I found Bob and Munchy mooching around upstairs, they where looking for my stash of tasty treats, once again I had moved them just before they found my latest hiding spot. You know sometimes its hard work having to keep moving your stash around, hey you two Mick said get your arses down stairs we will be going out in a minute ……..yeah nice try Munchy replied, see Bob I told you that he had hidden his treats up here somewhere, I bet they are under his bed lets pull it over and see.

This was too much for me, my treats weren’t under my bed but they where getting too close for comfort , I decided on drastic action and did a high speed run in and gave them both a playful nip  then run as fast as I could out the bedroom down the stairs and stopped in front of Mick , Both Bob and Munchy came hurtling after me then stopped dead when they saw Mick had his rucksack with him , “ready “ was all he asked and opened the front door …….charge we all barked and ran to the car , mick opened the door and we all jumped in . Secret treat stores temporally forgotten about but I knew that I would have to relocate them as soon as I got a chance.

We are off to  Cresswell  boys  mick told us as we all settled down , I plan to park up at Cresswell and we will walk all the way along Druridge bay before it gets too hot , then we will have a slow wander back this afternoon , stopping at all the watering places we know so we can paddle or swim to keep cool and I have got some extra tasty treats for you all if you are good ,  great we barked back we like tasty treats but you would think Mick would give up on the “you be good talk” by now , he knows that we do as we want and only do as we are told when he puts his very cross voice on or shouts at us. Still he has got a point; he only really worries when we are in a car park where there are cars moving around, I suppose its because we are so small no driver will see us until its too late and he knows he would be in big trouble with Yvonne if anything bad happened to us, now Yvonne is a right old misery even on a good day so the last thing Mick wants to do is get on her bad side ….she is seriously scary!

Anyway talk was over Mick parked up and charge we all jumped out and headed along the path into the dunes , Mick of course was fussing around trying to get his ruck sack sorted and on “you go on , don’t worry about me” he shouted don’t worry we wont we all barked back .

We love this area and because we have been here many times we know all the paths and where they go , today we raced down towards the beach , Bob was in the lead , he was hoping to chase some sea gulls , he loves running up and down the beach barking and running after them . Hey Munchy I’d stop and go back for Mick ”ok Flynn” I’m going to chase Bob I’d tell him not to go too far until Mick gets on the beach . Ok see you soon I replied and went hurtling back towards the car; fortunately Mick was just around the corner so it didn’t take long to find him, “come on Mick “I barked the others are nearly in the sea by now.

As it was both Bob and Munchy came hurtling up the beach chasing a sea gull, take it easy Boys we have got a long day ahead of us no point in getting hot & tired right at the start.

And so we settled down into a nice easy walk along the beach, every now and then we would dart off in front to chase birds or sniff around the seaweed, Mick lead us towards the dunes where we would have a sit down and rest and a scoff of some tasty treat that Mick had packed for us.

We chased a few rabbits amongst the dunes but they are far to fast for us to catch and we didn’t really want to catch them anyway but it was fun, Mick stopped at the freshwater streams and lakes so we could paddle and get a drink if we wanted which was nice as it was starting to get hot by now then it was time to head back onto the beach and start back,

The tide was well out which meant that the beach was massive but in a couple of places it meant that the rocky pools would be full of sea water , we love playing in these rocky Pools it’s  great fun to run around them chasing each other then jumping in and splashing around . just what you need on a hot afternoon a nice cool pool to play in , we met a few other dogs out today and had a play and chat with them , I played chase with my old friend who I had met several time before whilst Mick and her owner chatted about human things!. Bob & Munchy went off to look for any old crabs that had been left by the tide, sometimes they can be very tasty to eat, but we have to be quick as Mick tends to shout at us and tell us we are dirty dogs for eating them.

After a while we said our goodbyes and carried on back down the beach towards  the car, we still had a long way to go but we wasn’t in a rush and once again Mick would lead us off the beach towards the dunes where the small lakes and burns where so we could get a drink .

We had great fun today but were pleased when we got to the car, Mick put on the cool air thingy so it was nice and cool for the drive back home.

Mick walked about 9.3 miles we of course did zillions times zillions more miles than that.

A few photos:

Me and Munchy leaving the dunes and going onto the beach


Bob running back




Me (Flynn) as you can see we had the whole place to ourselves


Looking back towards Cresswell


Bob leading the way


Playing chase with the waves

A wet Munchy he wasn’t quick enough to dodge the wave


Me with a feather, I think I look cool strutting along with it


A nice cool pool we watch while Bob has a swim


We go in the shallow end for a cooling paddle


Lets play chase off we go


It’s very slippery on this weed


Swim time


We are joined by our friends


Looking back toward Druridge


Time for a rest stop and we all had a wee against this old tree stump


Time for another rest and drink from this fresh water burn


Me checking Mick arty leg after I have dug a hole


About to enter the sand dunes again

Munchy with a stick


Me having another dig


Bob lying in the sea trying to keep cool


Bob and Munchy playing with a stick


Dead puffin …..Can we take it home to eat?


Looking back along the beach, there is a little breeze blowing in now


Me having a sniff around


Last look back


Bob and Munchy waiting before we head into the crowds.


Thanks hope you enjoyed this walk