DATE                                        09.09.12

DISTANCE                               4.78 MILES  

WEATHER                               GREY BUT DRY    


Holy island

Having a spare Sunday is a very rare thing in my house hold, normally there are loads of jobs that have to be done by either my better half Yvonne or myself but this Sunday there was nothing, that meant I could use all my charm to persuade Yvonne to put on her walking boots and join me for a walk someplace, ok was the reply but NO early starts and NO big hills ……………….This made things a little bit more harder , and various walks instantly got banished back on the to do sometime list. As luck would have it there just happened to be a story on the local news about some clown who tried to drive across the causeway to Holy Island when the tide was in and got stuck and had to be rescued by the coastguard (what a Muppet I sometimes thing that some folk are born without brains) anyway I thought why not! It’s a lovely area, a bit on the touristy side for my liking but it has everything in place for a nice days walking.

After suggesting it to Yvonne she seemed very keen and couldn’t believe that it’s been six years since we were last there, well that’s not exactly true, we did drive across one afternoon as we were in the area and stopped just for a cream tea, that proved to be a huge disappointment, very poor in the cream tea stakes …………….they used squirty cream straight out of a tin, now everyone knows you don’t have squirty cream on a proper cream tea ……………………so if you like cream teas don’t go there you have been warned .

So that was it , a quick look at the all-knowing Mr google for the  tide tables  etc. and things looked like they would work out alright .

Because of the tide times it meant that we couldn’t have an early start even if we wanted to, so my better half being the lazy hack that she is got to fester in bed for an extra-long lay in. I of course was up early getting the gear ready, I quickly decided that we wouldn’t bother taking any food with us and I would treat Yvonne to a meal someplace on the island, (the place is crawling with eating places) a bit on the pricy side but good none the less unless……………. you like proper cream teas !!!!.

We didn’t have a route picked out (well it’s a small island) but was just going to wander and mooch around looking at things.

The first thing we noticed as we crossed the causeway was the amount of cars parked up; the place was teaming with sightseers and tourist ……..Bloody hell what have I let myself in for?? (As you know I am the world’s most sociable person) but we were committed now, there are two main car parks on the island, one you have to pay for (sorry don’t know how much) and the other one with its own toilet block is free if you hold a blue  badge so being a proud owner of a blue badge we chose the free one. (Yes I know I’m tight fisted as well).

Just going off topic for a bit, there is a shuttle bus service that runs around the island that operates from this car park I think it’s a couple of your hard earned £s, so if you have mobility problems and don’t want to knacker yourself just getting to the castle or priory it could be well worth the expense, it seemed very popular. We of course wouldn’t dream of using it.

Our route (see map) wasn’t anything to get excited about , the first mile or so was spent battling past the crowds who were more interested in going into the castle , myself I would sooner watch paint dry than go in there again , but I suppose we are all different , the one advantage of this was there was an ice cream van parked up so being the generous type of person that I am I treated Yvonne (and myself) to an ice cream …yes I know I spoil her rotten at times and really know how to show a girl a good time . Then it was off away from the crowds for a slow walk around the coastline.

Again on a different note, not one person said hello, nice day or anything. It wasn’t till we got away from the crowds and met other “walkers” that words were exchanged which just goes to show that we walkers are very nice sociable type of people .

We did about 4 .78 miles all very easy going once we got away from the crowds.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Taken from the car park, look at the crowds heading towards Lindisfarne castle.


Looking out towards a very distant Bamburgh Castle.


Just look at the crowds, so much for it will be empty now that the kids are back at school.


Old boats now used as storage sheds.


Looking across towards the old navigation aids at Guile point.


Close up of the castle (about as close as I want to get to today)


Starting to lose the crowds as we walk around its side and leave the pathway.


Now in the walled garden looking towards the castle.


Looking back at the walled garden.


Looking up.


Looking at some more of the old overturned hulls. (They look a bit “proposes” made if you ask me)


Looking back.


Now entering the lime kilns, they are quite big considering the size of the island.


Same again.


I really don’t know what she is up to.(I really should take her out more)


Leaving the kilns.


Now on the edge of the stony beach and…………not sure when these started to grow or why, I can remember something about the NT kicking them down nearer the castle as they looked unsightly.


 Easy walking along the coastline.


Looking across towards the nature reserve.


Looking back.


Distant dunes we hope to swing around them on our return leg of this walk.


Again looking back, this area is well known for its seals but we only caught brief glimpses of them today, I think it’s because the tide was well out.


Emmanuel head and a white?????.


Taken at max zoom, a rather shy seal.


Our route along the coastline. It’s the first time that I have been along here, last time I was on the island it took me all day to walk half the distance that I did today. And I was totally knackered most of the time. So things are getting better.


Looking back.

A few photos as we make our way along.


Our route back to the car park.


Looking towards the castle.


Now stopping for a bite to eat at one of the many cafes, the local birds are very friendly.


Before we headed back to the car a few photos of the priory.


Day after thoughts.

Not really sure if I would class this as a walk as such, more of an afternoon stroll. No real problems with arty leg or with Yvonne for that matter. It was nice to have a mooch around without getting out of breath and despite the crowds it is a nice place ,well worth a visit just to see all the stuff that kept there, but PLEASE don’t come and visit when I’m there thank you.