DATE                                       08.02.13

DISTANCE                              JUST OVER 4 MILES

WEATHER                              COLD BUT DRY

START / FINISH                     CAR PARK ON SEA FRONT

Holywell Dene


Having been out only the day before for a 8 mile walk see     for info I really didnít want to push my luck with stumpy leg and do another full day walk , my better half agreed with this and promptly left me a list of jobs to do around the house , rather than moan and sulk I just got on and did them in super quick time , not only earning me extra good boy points but giving me a free afternoon do walk someplace local . I decided to pop down to the beach and take it from there , so gear was throw into the car and off I went , I parked up at the small but free car park at Seaton Sluice threw my gear on and headed down to the beach , the local council has done a lot of work with cleaning this beach up , from what was a dirty rubbish covered beach into something to be proud of , now I am not saying itís the best beach in Northumberland  but its certainly the most improved beach and brings a lot of people out walking when the weather is good , its not often I can say this but they (the council) got things  right when they spent some money on the beach and supporting footpaths.

Entering the beach


Once on the beach I soon realised that the wind was a bit stronger than what I thought. I have trouble walking when the wind is strong more to do with keeping my balance than anything elts but its enough to make me take notice, looking at the waves crashing in it looked like that had been some rough weather out at sea someplace, I decided to have a walk up to the small harbour, more to get out of the wind rather than a particular reason, from there I decided to have a small wander up Holywell Dene. And much to my surprise I realised that I have never actually walked along it, so why not, I realised that I couldnít go far as time was moving on but I had a couple of hours before it was home time.

I decided to follow the footpath along the Seaton burn at this point I wasnít even sure how far it went or even if it was possible to get along it and fully expected the well layer path to break down a couple of hundred meters further along , I was wrong , the path seems to go for miles crossing over the small burn in several places , the burn itself is partly tidal (not sure how far up the sea comes ) but was a delight to walk along  even though it was still in a partial flooded state .

I followed this path for a couple of miles, very impressed with the state of repair then due to time constraints crossed over the burn and made my way back along the other bank, again the path on this side was in excellent condition and showed signs that more drainage had been recently dug to help with the amount of water that was laying around. I decided that I would return on another day and spend a full day walking around this area just to see how far these paths go and where. There is a lot of history along the Dene, but I know bugger all about it, be haps I should read up a bit or better still use Mr. GOOGLE to do it for me.

I did about 4 miles, which again was very easy walking along some very well looked after paths, I wonder how far this Dene could take me; as they say watch this space.

After my first attempt using MR GOOGLE I found this site:-

This explains a lot, these volunteers have done a wonderful job, and like I said I will return, when the weather is a bit kinder, I bet itís beautiful in the summer.

As normal a few photos, it was a dull day in winter, I bet the place is stunning in summer. Enjoy.

Walking along the beach towards the Harbour.


Itís a bit rough today


On the harbour breakwater.


Splash (I know itís a bit wimpy really)


Last look along the coast.


Now on the path heading up the Dene.


I think that this is part of the flood plane.


Same again.


Some one had been digging out strips not sure why.




Seaton burn still slightly in flood.


Looking upstream.


The path, considering all the rain that we have had was in good condition.


I think that this pond is part of a nature reserve.


Same spot just a closer look at the bull rushes.


Not sure what this contraption is for, catching floating wood / trees or to stop anything floating upstream when the tide comes in (if it even gets this far)


The path, (note the edging)


Looking down.


Very small waterfall.


Stepping stones, under water with the burns level slightly raised.


Someone is feeding the birds.

Taken on one of the footbridges as I cross over and start on my way back.


Looking back over the bridge, next time I am here I will take the steps up and see where they take me.


One of the many sections of rock formations along the Dene.


One of the sign that are scattered about.


Looking down the burn.


Looking back


Old fallen trees.


This must be back on the flood section, will have to come back when its high tide just to see.


Nearly back


Water running up out of the ground.


Looking up at the sky I was hoping that I would be treated to a red sky, this was about as red as it gets.


Day after thoughts.

None really, no aches or pains but I didnít really expect to have any, I will return and have a proper mooch around here, sometime in the summer months.


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