DATE                                       29.12.12

DISTANCE                              7.2 MILES

WEATHER                              GREY WET AND WINDY


Today’s walk was going to be possibly the last walk of the year for me , the weather was…..well lousy to say the least , cold rain ,strong winds and yet more rain to follow , the ground was already saturated and the last thing I really wanted was a long drawn out bog stomp, so why not do my civic duty and do another walk that “Becks” had sent me , after all if its targeted at the people with walking difficulty’s it should be on a good surface ,shouldn’t it? And to be honest with you all its nice to be given a walk to do saves me the wasted brain cells trying to think of a route , no todays walk would be one for the North Pennines and there push for easy access , something that I fully support .

After looking at the map Becks had sent me, I decided to do what I do best and that is do the walk for them and then change it to fit in with how I felt at the time, the walk that they wanted me to check was a straight out and back again, I figured if I was very careful and observant going out I could make my own way back via a different route so that was the plan.

To add a bit of distance to their route I would start at a different place and walk up to the “official starting point “and to be honest I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by checking out a small section on another walk that they are going to be adding to the “push for easy access “at the same time. Simple really!!!! so to sum up I was going to check out two walks for the north Pennines people then do my own thing, all in pouring rain and gale force winds, yep a good day in the making.

 I contacted my long suffering walking partner Cary Burn to see if she was up for a day’s walking, but due to feeling a bit poorly (wuss) she kicked me into touch , so that was it I was on my own again .

Parked up in the law by at Bowlees, it seemed that I was only there a short while ago, and proceeded to go into my normal routine of gear on and coffee.

Due to the fact it was throwing it down I decided that full waterproofs would be the gear required , normally I don’t like my waterproof over trousers , preferring to walk in shorts but one look at the sky told me it was going to stay like this all day.

My route took me out of the car park , then down to the river Tee’s where I did my first bit of surveying on a doggy bit of path that lead to Low Force.

The path leading to Low Force , some work has been done on the path , but a little bit more if its going to suitable for wheelchairs and buggys .

The section where it bends round a small bit of leveling is all it requires and it would be fine.

 Making notes was impossible so a few photos were taken and I made a mental note of what needs to be done , then down to Low force , which was in flood , very impressive , I did my best to capture it with a few photos , but with the wind and rain my camera just steamed up and all the photos have come out blurry and rubbish for the day……………

Low force in flood.

Shame really in fact my camera died towards the end of the day , I guess it really doesn’t like getting soaked , good news is after it dried out (slowly ) it seems back to normal now .

Any way from Low force it was a walk up hill to the start of the “proper” walk at Holwick where the official walk would start and finish, even get up there was a bit of a struggle trying to keep my feet dry , something that i gave up on as the day wore on.

Crossing a small beck , it was just starting to burst its banks as I crossed over.

Even heading up hill some of the ditches where flooded much to the locals displeasure.

Holwick , this will be the start of the proper walk . plenty of roadside parking .


Looking at the start of the walk .

The walk was a straight walk along the public bridalway to White Rig (I think)  and straight back .as normal a few photos that i managed to take as I made my way along.

The views towards the Scars taken from where you would park up.

The route , note that there is a bench seat , usefull for sitting on and putting your boots on.

Our route , starts off as a mixture of grass and stone.(a bit of a small uphill climb)

Then it drops down a bit.(I dont think that there is normally this amount of water flowing)

Heading uphill again , note the rocks on the path, this might cause problems for wheelchair or small wheeled buggies.

A few views to the side and looking back .

Posh stile . two problems here "Becks" take note .

1) the stile is very high and slipery maybe a bit of chicken wire on the wooden step for better grip .

2) The new catch that has been fitted on the five bar gate is to big and prevents it from opering , this needs to be adressed .

From this point on its a very good surface , just walk along and enjoy the views ................that is if you dont pick a dull wet grey day.

Looks like the weather is closing in again .

The Stone quarry . it looks a lot bigger from up here.

I was thinking of cutting down at this point (on my way back ) there is no way that I can cross over these small streams.

I think this is the turn around point for the walk , there are seats and shelter , I think that they have something to do with the Grouse shooting .

First time today I have got out of the rain & a good spot for lunch.

Me being me decide to follow the track a bit further along "just to see what it is like" unfortantly this stopped me.

So I decide to head across the fell down to the river a few photos of my route.

The stone quarry

Bleabeck force.

Now on the Pennine way heading downstream a few photos of a rather full river Tees.

High Force.

Still heading downstream.

Some of the locals taking it easy.

Low Force.

Day after thoughts.

7.2 miles mostly level so I didnt have any aches or pains,

My gear was soaking wet , but under it all I stayed dry so reprofing my gear seem to have worked , BUT I do think I could have picked a better day .