DATE                                            23.04.11

WEATHER                                   BRIGHT

DISTANCE                                   6 1/2 MILES

START / FINISH                         CAMPSITE AT HOLEBECK

A wander around Holebeck


After our last visit down Weardale, we decided that we would have a long weekend down here just so we could spend more time mooching around and less time driving backwards and forwards.

My better Half had already stated NO big hills would be walked so some careful planning was called for.

I had already decided that there was a couple of places that I had already been that I thought that Yvonne would like to see and there was a couple of places that I wanted to have a mooch around that I didn’t have time for the last time I was down this way. So the route was a bit wobbly to say the least.

We started off from the camp site at Holbeck and headed down to the river Wear; from there we joined the Weardale way and headed upstream. we stayed on this path till we got more or less opposite Frosterley then we went off towards a couple of old quarries that I wanted to have a mooch around . From here we headed towards the car parking area at Bollihope. From this point we followed the burn down stream. As I have note in the past this is extremely easy walking and the burn is delightful to walk along, with lots and lots of old mine stuff to see. As well as line kilns and loads of wildlife and of course the new lambs.

Eventually we came to the place where the stone was with all fossils where, this was one thing that my better half was keen to see, however we  where both gob smacked when we crossed over the bridge  to see a normal amount of water running downstream to nothing less that one hundred meters further down .

There was nothing, bone dry; the waterfall which Yvonne was keen to see was eh! Well just a dry stone rock face, its times like this I wish my mobility would allow me to climb down the bank and explore the river bed looking for where the water disappeared. However a sign by the waterfall explained all, there is a lot of underground waterways at this location and the water repapered about ¼ of a mile away in Hare hope quarry from there it flows back down the burn as if nothing has happened, I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence or just because there hasn’t been much rain, but there was a lot of water running down the burn.

Anyway back to the walk, we skirted around the quarry then headed back along a couple of footpath back to our campsite. About 6 ½ miles of very easy relaxing walking.


A few photos enjoy

On the Weardale way looking at the river wear


One of the old Quarry’s I had a mooch around in

Looking down and back

Same place different view

Now walking along the Bollihope burn looking back at “mill cottage”

The burn

Not quite sure about these the smaller one is a slow worm, not sure if the bigger one is small grass snake or a different colour slow worm, the bigger one certainly had hold of the little one, again wasn’t sure if this was some form of mating or just plane nasty, in the end we split them apart and the little on shot off very quickly .had a very nasty bite make on its skin.

Bollihope burn

Caves on the other side of the burn

Entering the forgotten quarry

Pond in the quarry

Old lime kilns

Bit of an old mine working

This is we crossed over the burn, as you can see the water has gone.

Stone showing some fossils

Looking down at what was the waterfall

Looking down at the river bed

 Looking upstream

Harehope quarry

One of the locals