DATE                                        28.09.10

DISTANCE                              Just under 6 miles         

WEATHER                               Grey but dry

START / FINISH                      Hilton village


Hilton to Scordale mine


Before you even think about this walk you have to make sure that the army isn’t busy shooting things or blowing things up, the danger areas are well marked and there are loads red flags flying when you are not supposed to be in the area.

You have been warned, there is a telephone number to call to see when the ranges are open / closed but I have forgotten it so get off your butts and go find it yourselves.

Right the walk we parked the car up in the little village of Hilton , according to the maps ect it even has a pub BUT we didn’t find it so it looks as if it has closed or they heard that we where coming and removed the sign and shut up shop for the day .

Anyway the walk, we basically followed the river /stream /beck…… whatever up to the mines so follow the Hilton beck along the valley bottom along a well defined cart track its all well sign posted with a few information boards scattered about just to let you know what it use to be like,(it was grim in the old days) somewhere as you head up the valley the Hilton beck turns into the Scordale beck but the exact location is a mystery to me , once there we had a mooch about then retraced our route back again , simple ,I even let my better half do the navigating back safe in the knowledge that not even Yvonne could wander off the path.

One other thing worth a mention is towards the mines the beck has burst its banks and was busy flowing down along the footpath , not a problem as we simply walked up the old river bed , or beck bed (if that’s the right term )

Once again I am going to apologise if I name anything wrong. But old age is creeping up and my memory isn’t what it used to be.

A few photos

At the entrance of the valley looking towards Roman Fell, there was a time when I wouldn’t have bothered with valley bottom I would have just headed straight for the summit of Roman Fell.


Looking along the valley, the digger was busy repairing /reinforcing the banks after the recent rain


My better half, you will note that once again she hasn’t bothered to take her rucksack leaving me to carry all her gear.(what a hack eh!)


Looking back, did I mention what a grey day it was?

Looking forward


Looking across to the other side there was once a working mine up there, you couldn’t see much from our side


Looking down you can just about out some of the old buildings


Looking back along the far side


My better half (you know she like nothing better than getting out in the fresh air especially if it looks like rain)


Looking back


Our destination


One of the many water slides running down the hills (or whatever they are called)


This is where the beck decided to join the footpath


Looking straight ahead you can just make out where the grass path leaves the beck and becomes a path again



Still heading towards the mines I think that is Dow Scar in front

My better half fearlessly leading the way (not sure what the two fingers mean ? I think she means two minutes till rest stop)


The white sign said something about mine keep out or something like that, my eyes couldn’t make it out, and unfortunately I couldn’t scrabble up there for a closer look


Looking at the other side there isn’t really that much to see, if you look long enough you can just about make out where building stood ECT


Info board (that’s why I know so much) 



And again


We first thought that this might have been an old flooded mine entrance but it turned out to be a bridge / tunnel for the water course (we are good at spotting these things )


Heading up a bit, looking back down the valley


Looking up the valley


Slightly higher looking back down, the sun is trying to come out now, totally changing how the valley looks


One of the small waterfalls we saw on this walk


A slightly bigger one


Looking back down the valley


Above the first waterfall


My better half leading the way back


Looking back to the old ruins


The way back down the valley,


Looking back


Looking across the other side there was some old building here according to the info board (Lowfield Hush?)


Last look back before we go round the corner


Some old ruins on the other side (Mason Holes?)




 Now back at the starting point

This was never going  to be a big walk , just a look around  to see if its posible for me to come back at a later time and get into the hills from this starting point , but with the army using the area I dont think that  I ever will  unlessI am camping down this way.