DATE                                    13.05.11


DISTANCE                          ABOUT 12 MILES (WITH THE SIDE TRIPS)



I had been promising myself that I would return and do this walk sometime after I failed to archive it last year due to the amount of rain that had fallen .well today was that day, and I even had some company which made it possible to do a linear walk, starting off just down the road from Dufton then simply following the Pennine way up past the side of Dodd Hill round Peeping Hill along a section which is known as Narrow gate which is basically walking along the side of high cup nick  to the head  of high cup from there we stayed on the Pennine way following the Maize Beck till we crossed over (still on the Pennine way ) then simply followed the well defined path past birkdale farm the down to the waterfall at Cauldron  Snout where we had a mooch around , it was at this point we parted from the Pennine way and headed off to have a look-see at the Cow green Dam from there we followed the footpath back to where we left the other car at the car parking area at Cow green Reservoir .

As my walking companion hadnít been down here before it seemed a shame not to show him the waterfalls high force and low force, so we cheated a bit and jumped into the car and drove a bit nearer to these places.

The weather was dull, wet & windy to start with but as the day went on the sun got out making for a much nicer day.

Distance wise taking into the two side trips to see high force and low force just under twelve miles with about 2500 ascent. All in all a very good day.

And on a personal note my wife has told me that I have to thank our very own AJ for accompanying me on this walk because she didnít fancy doing it.(and she worries when I go to strange places on my own )

So thanks Dave, it was a good day.

As per the norm some photos taken from this walk: - enjoy

Starting to head up, this farm track slowly changes to a grassy path then a well worn footpath as you head up. There was a lot of water running down the track at this point.

Gained a bit of height, first sighting of high cup, unfortunately the clouds decided to drop down a bit and rain on us.

The good old British weather, blue clear sky this morning when I set off, now doing its best to stop all views.

Still heading up, with the strong wind blowing the clouds away itís possible to start seeing the sheer size of this place

Looking back down the valley

Showing a section where the path has been repaired with stone slabs, (donít really like walking on them myself but can see the reason why they need to be there) just a bit of useless info for anyone who cares it looks like the path has been diverted several times on this section, so you can pick which path you use depending on your mood.

Looking back down, the black dots you can see are in fact wild fell ponies

Again looking back down, but for a brief second the sun came out.

Looking up towards the head of high cup

Looking straight down (itís a bit of a steep drop)

Looking towards the head, we are hoping to get out of the wind in the gully so we can feed ourselves

Looking back down, I think that rock formation is known as nicks chair or something. (I dare say that there is a story there somewhere)

In the gully, we had lunch, bate, dinner, scan call it what you want, but it was the only place we could get out of the wind at this stage, and once again the dark clouds where closing in.

Our way forward you can just about make out the bridge where we crossed over the Burn

One of the many little rock /mini waterfalls we past I would hate to think of what it must be like up here when we have had rain for days on end .

Small waterfall on the Maize beck

AS we start to head down, the wind starts dropping and the sun starts to get out (typical couldnít get out earlier) looking towards Birkdale farm

Looking down to where the Maize Beck joins the river Tees at Falcon Clints

An arty shot some old storage barn

At the top of Cauldron Snout

Looking down (this is where we leave the Pennine way)

A couple more photos showing the dam in the back ground

Cow green Dam

On top looking down

Looking across at the reservoir

A couple showing high force

Low Force

Thank you.