DATE                                     02.08.2014

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 4.4 MILES

WEATHER                           BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Hi Force with Mum & Dad

Todays wander was going to be special, for several reasons that will mean bugger all too every one but would mean a lot to me, the main reason being was my mum and dad would be joining us.

This would be the first time that my parents would have seen me up and walking again since my accident, naturally they where at my bedside when I work up in hospital, and they travelled up at Christmas and spent a few days with us but that seemed a lifetime ago and I was very keen to show them that I was coping alright and managing to get a bit more mobile. To this ends I had been out in the hills or remote forests doing nothing but practise, more practise and even more practise, I had learnt some lessons the hard way and was determine not to repeat them again, and so I was extremely carful not to bugger myself up, that wasn’t to say that I wasn’t pushing myself because I was but I suppose that the reality of my new situation was slowly sinking in and I had finally learnt that if I did too much one day I would be buggered for the next week or so …………..I didn’t like the situation but there was nothing I could do about it so I just lived with it , however all the time out in the wilds had got rid of my pasty white complexion and the hard work was slowly getting rid of the excess fat that had grown up around my waist line I also started to learn a lot about myself during this period , my pride (what was left of it ) started to grow again  when I set myself a simple target and completed it to my expectations , if I didn’t do it “good enough” I would simply do it again and again till I was happy with it , I learnt a lot during this period , not all  of it was good , but it was all stored away ready to use when I needed it . this time period also gave me time to think about me , my life , what I wanted what I expected , what I hope for and how my new situation would affect it , it was a hard thing to admit but no matter how hard I tried I wouldn’t be the same nor would my life ..sounds rather dramatic but it’s the simple truth anyone who thinks differently only needs to have to get up in the middle of the night and have to use a set of crutches to go to the toilet or spend a bit of time trying to get fit the leg on right so it isn’t painful and that before you even take the first step …I always knew that things would be different but now in the cold light of day I was living with it.

My Time out in the wilds also slowly started changing me, if you like! I started to see things slightly different , yes I know we all see things but I was looking and seeing thing that I wouldn’t have given a second glance at before I also started to feel things as well (daft I know but there you go I have never pretended to be normal) on my rest breaks I would often just sit down and look around and see nature at its best , I would get a great deal of pleasure watching the lambs play ,  the rabbits running around , birds singing , even the splashing of the river or the grass blowing in the wind seem somehow more colourful and vibrant …………I guess that my mind was starting to heal as well but to be honest I really didn’t know what was happing may be it was starting to sink in that yes I had lost a leg and got beaten up pretty badly but I was still here and the alternative could have been so much worse as they say you are a long time dead. This got me thinking about God and other huge things like the afterlife and all of that “other” stuff…. is there one? I really didn’t know and if there was will I have both legs back when I get there (where ever that is) but to be honest I didn’t believe in any god and still don’t today …………….but I like to think that with the right proof I could change my mind after all nothing is set in stone …….anyway I have waffled on long enough time to get back to the days walking.

We that’s my better half and myself decided that we would redo the walk we had recently done down at the Tee’s this had several advantages, one being there would be no surprises to catch me out, after all this was supposed to be about me showing my parents that they needn’t worry about me as I was fine, so I didn’t want to end up either on my arse or stuck someplace and the area is something special so hopefully we could all have a good day.

Our walk followed the same route as last time we where down this way with only a very small diversion , there was a huge bull in one of the fields so being the brave group that we are we kept on the other side of the fence , as it was we needn’t have worried because a load of walker’s  walked past it a short time later and it didn’t even give them a second glance , but still seeing as I couldn’t run (or barely walk ) at the time it seemed a wise precaution .

Naturally we all had tea and cake at the visitors centre before we started; likewise we took the opportunity to call in the hotel (can’t remember its name) for liquid refreshment before we headed down to see High Force, both my parents enjoyed the day and where impressed with the water fall and we all climbed up the wooden stairs to sit on the rocks above the falls, sadly something that you cant do nowadays and I didn’t fall over once which for me was a huge success.

As normal I took a few photos

On the path down to High force (there is a small fee)


A gap in the trees


Looking down towards the river


Me with mum & Dad


Again looking down at the Tee’s


Getting closer to the river


Looking back along the river

High Force

A bit closer


Part way up the stairs looking down


My Dad standing above the falls, the path on the other bank is the Pennine way


Looking at the start of the falls


Mum bum shuffling across towards my dad


Looking at the first drop


Me and Mum


Yvonne with Dad


Not sure if I should mention bad hair day or anything here


Last look before we start back


Me walking without my hiking pole


Now at the sheep at Low force, not really sure what I should write here.


 Day after thoughts, yet again a nice easy day, no damage was done to my stump, but my good leg was screaming at me by the time we got back to the car and had the shakes, I think despite the slow easy pace I simply didn’t rest it enough or rub it when we did stop, my fault but I was putting a brave face on for Mum & Dad.

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